A famous portrait of King Shah Jahan shows him carrying a knife in one hand and a flower in another. It shows how he is ruthless ruler and gentle lover. Even an old harsh tyrant can still love like a young romantic poet.

Religious building III
Taj Mahal-Monument of Love and Devotion
by Princess Mulan

The King Shah Jahan,
descendent of Genghis Khan (1),
and just as ruthless.

Jahan kills thousands,
he's merciless in battle,
yet gentle in love.

For his queen Mahal.
Jahan will do anything.
She is his whole world.

A fairy-tale love,
they live a dream-like marriage,
bore 14 children.

Fate is cruel on Shah.
At the birth of their last child,
Queen's life is taken.

Devastation, pain,
Shah moans for Queen Mahal's death,
then builds her heaven (2).

Merchants from afar,
Baghdad, Tibet and Russia,
bring building supplies.

Twenty thousands men
and a thousand elephants
work to bring heaven.

Take 12 years to build
the splendid mausoleum,
the Taj Mahal.

Majestic structure;
sign of endless devotion,
monument of love.

(1) Genghis Khan an extremely ruthless Mongol conqueror who scourged Asia during 13th century.
(2) Shah ordered the Taj Mahal to be 'mirror image of heaven'.

*sigh* this Haiku is so impossible. It took me the longest time to write, but it still doesn't sound right!
The Taj Mahal is so gigantic; tourist can see it's white doom before they even arrive at the province. It's so cool. The King was going to build an identical Taj Mahal (but black in colour) for himself right next to the original Taj Mahal, but he got too old to do so. Won't it be even cooler if there is a black Taj Mahal right next to the white one?