05 April 2005

After more than a year-long absence, I have returned to FictionPress. A note/sincere apology was added to my user profile last week detailing the events that have transpired since my last appearance on here. It is still there for those who wish to read it.

The note explains this as well, but in short: my hard copies of Wanting Something More have been misplaced, and the hard drive they were saved on has crashed. I believe the files are backed up on one or more CDs and floppy disks, but it's a matter of finding them. I think they're at home, which means it will be a few more weeks before I can look for them. If/when I find them, I'll evaluate them and make a decision regarding Wanting Something More, A Deeper Love, and Distance Makes the Heart; I am aware that there's been a formatting malfunction with the first half of WSM and plan to fix that as soon as possible, if it is possible. Depending on the state they are in when I find them, I may continue the other two stories while repairing WSM, but until then, ADL and DMTH should be considered frozen (yeah, I know, like they haven't been for a year or two…)

However, I do plan on posting on here again: other stories, new ones. I do want to have a substantial amount of my current project pre-written before I begin posting, but hopefully within the next few weeks I'll have something up. I am deeply sorry to all of those people who were reading my stories when I disappeared off the face of the earth; there is a full apology and explanation, as I've said, on my user profile.

Also, I've changed my pen name. It is the same as my AIM screen name and AOL email address. Feel free to contact me at any time with any comments/questions/complaints/concerns/issues/rants/raves/whatever you might have. Yell at me for disappearing, for not posting a note before now, express happiness that I plan on coming back, ask what was going on to make me leave or what makes me think anyone would care that I'm back now after I disappeared without so much as a word. Seriously, whatever you want. I'd really like to have an idea of how many people are still around after all this time and how many could care less if I come back or not.

I'm sorry, again, for my disappearance. I'd love to hear from any of you.

Hope to be posting again soon, and thank you so much for the support you all gave me in my writing.