Almost Forgotten World

By: L.A. Whitfield

Hello, this is my very first original story. Everything in it came from my imagination and no where else. I worked very hard on it so please do not steal it. Anyway, think of this story like a Sherlock Holmes story. Sherlock Holmes stories were really written by Sir Arthur Conon Doyal but the fictional character, Dr. Watson, created by Doyal, was the pretend narrator and author of the stories.


Dr. Steven Ray White

Hello, my name is Dr. Steven Ray White and I am an archeologist. I have two beautiful children. Their names are Marry and Debbie and I have a beautiful wife, Marie.

As a small boy, my grandfather often took me along on many of his archeological expeditions. Which sparked my interest in the career. He showed me how to carefully dig up artifacts, clean them and store them properly. Some times, he would even let me take artifacts to school with me for show and tell.

By the time I entered high school, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to follow in my grandfathers foot steps and become an archeologist but not the traditional kind of archeologist. I wanted to become a "New World" archeologist.

What is that? A "New World" archeologists explores artifacts left over from ancient civilizations on newly discovered planets. With the discovery of so many new planets, I wanted to be one of the first people to explore them. So naturally, me and my family do a lot of traveling. You may wonder how my children still get a good education if we are always traveling so much? Well, my wife and kids don't mind, they enjoy it and Marie is a wonderful, brilliant woman. She home schools our two kids. Just imagine what it would be like if you traveled with your parents from planet to planet as a kid growing up. Pretty exciting!

If I haven't already mentioned it, it is the year 3208, and man kind has started the exploration of the universe. Thousands of planets have been discovered but none so far have been found much to mankind's disappointment, to inhabit any intelligent life. All that's ever been discovered is the remains of past civilizations. Having vanished for unexplainable reasons or wiped out by some kind of natural catastrophe. That's where I come in.

Three years ago, a small group of archeologists that I was part of, went to check out an M class planet off in the Mega galaxy. Planet 288 D. Apparently, and kind of ironic considering where I'm from, an asteroid the size of Texas had crashed into it hundreds of years ago, and wiped out all life on it. We were there to dig up and find anything that could give an answer as to who these people where and what they were like. I found a journal there. It took me two years to translate it and another to write this story.


It was pretty damn hot during the days on planet 288 D. So hot, if you were to crack an egg onto a side walk, it would fry even though there were none. Just to get through the day without suffering from heat stroke, we had to bring along thirty gallons of water and stop every thirty minuets or so just to rest.

It was the complete opposite at night. At night, it would get down to thirty degrees below zero. Each person would have to wear at least three layers of pajamas just to keep warm.

If a heater broke down, and they often did, we have to share tents and sometimes, we would use body warmth. Luckily, I had my wife and kids along. For the others guy's, well, they just had to bear with it or freeze to death.

We'd been there for three months having not found anything of importance. Only a few pots and pans here and there that was used for cooking. We were running low on supplies and were planning on leaving soon.

It wasn't until the end of that day, did our luck change...

"Well, that's enough for today people. Lets get some shut eye and well start again tomorrow morning." Jeff, our leader said.

"Wait, Jeff! I think I found something over here!" I called getting his attention. In my hands, I held a book, possibly a journal and inside hand writing! It could hold the answers we were looking for!

"What is it Steve?" He asked walking up to me his interest peeked. I held the book up to his face and showed him the writing inside.

"I think it's some kind of journal." I said barely believing it myself. Jeff and the others huddled around me anxiously as I flipped through the crisp pages.

"The container I found it in, preserved it very well." I said. The cover was covered in filth and grime but the pages inside were still in very good condition and the writing was clear. It was in an alien language of course, and would take a while to translate but we had finally found what we'd been looking for.

Three years later…

(after the book was published)

Journal of Wilson Gills

Entry date: Lasko the 38th, 30120 (July 4th 2000, human calendar)

Dear Journal, (Special Letter)

Hi, my name is Wilson Gills and I am now nineteen years old, soon to turn twenty. A lot has happened since my first entry into this journal. I'm now a grown up man, according to my people, and have married. We have a beautiful daughter named Amillia. This is an extra insert I'm putting in at the beginning of my journal in case this is my last entry. Time is growing short and I fear for all our lives. We must take shelter right away if we hope to survive this terrible catastrophe. So far, none of our most brilliant scientists, have been able to slow the Asteroid down or blow it up. If it is to impacts, all life on our planet would be destroyed.

My first entry in my journal explains a lot about the history and geography of my people and home world. Some one might find this journal in the future and I want them to know what my life, the lives of my family and the all my dear friends had been like. It is the best way I can think of to honor them all. I am putting this journal into a time capsule and burying hopefully deep enough to survive the blast. I hope that I'm the one that digs this thing up. If I'm not, please, whoever finds it, let as many people read it as possible so that my people are not forgotten for ever.


Wilson Gills


(First entry, three years earlier)
Entry date: Prime the 2nd, 30117 (April 21st 1996, human calendar)

History and Geography,

Hi! I live on planet Mythia. It's the home to two civilizations. One is called the Quartins and the other, my people, are called the Mythians. We live on separate continents and my people live on the largest continent called the Great Methuen Continent, also called the Mother Continent. You'll soon find out why it's called that.

In the beginning, the Mythians and the Quartins where one. They use to live on the Mother Continent, and called themselves the Mythiaquarns.

One day a man named Osternick build a boat capable of traveling across the Truent ocean. He was determined to sail to the other side of the world even though everybody believed it was a foolish idea. It took him a while but he eventually found eight people willing to go with him. They left three days later never expected to return. It was a long and parlous journey but four months later they reached their new home surprising everyone. They became heroes.

They quickly settled into their new homes and eventually, more and more Mythiaquarns sailed to this new continent to live in this new land. Told to have plentiful soils for growing all sorts of crops and near to perfect whether conditions. Of course, a lot of it was exaggerated.

The colony called them selves the Quartins and they called their continent, the Great Quartian continent. The colony grew and thrived into a great civilization. The people back home on the 'Mother Continent' weren't very happy about this.

Later, two more continents were discovered by the Mythian's but because they were uninhabitable, no one really claimed them. They were called the Southern ice continent and the Northern ice continent.

As time passed, the Quartians grew tired of living by Mythian law and revolted. The revolution escalated into a war and many people died because of it. After the war, things calmed down but things were never the same again until one day, the leader and the Mythian Civilization agreed to met with the leader of the Quartin Civilization to sign a peace treaty.

It was decided then and there, that King Horishima's daughter, Princess Mariana Horishima of the Mythian kingdom, would marry King Viel's son, Prince Tuper Viel of the Quartin civilization to help bring peace to the two civilizations. As expected, many people were against this and many attempts were made on the children's lives.

Princess Mariana is never allowed to go out alone without at least three personal body guards and Prince Tupper is constantly training to become stronger from what I hear. I really worry a great deal for Mariana's life because she's always taking too many risks. Just yesterday, she ran off without any guards and boy where her parents mad!

You probably noticed I'm using present tense now. Well, that's because tomorrow, the peace treaty is suppose to be signed and Mariana and Tuper are going to meet for the first time. It hurts to see her marry some one she doesn't even know because to be honest, I've always had a crush on her and I'm worried that prince Viel will be cruel to her.

Anyway, to get a better idea of what I'm talking about, here is a list of the names and the ages of the people I know, including myself and where they stand.

In The Great Mythian Civilization (mine)

Royal Family and Friends: Ages:

King: Yeti Horishima 69
Queen: Arista Horishima 54
Princess: Mariana Horishima 17
Me (Mariana's best friend): Wilson Gills 16
Personal Servant (my mother) Rose 50
Ambassador: Pith Lehrmann 64

In The Great Quartin Civilization

Royal Family and Friends: Ages:

King: Golinvia Viel 65
Queen: Nethrotilia Viel 50
Prince: Tuper Viel 18
Prince's friend: Drake Heinsord 17
Ambassador: Ubu Greenwick 52

Well, this is the end of my first entry. Call this your first history lesson. Hehee... I'll add more in my next entry tomorrow.

Wilson Gills


Chapter 1

Princess Mariana awoke to a tapping on her window. What? Who or what could be tapping on her window and why she wondered? She glanced at her clock. Two o-clock in the morning? To her annoyance, the tapping grew louder and with increasing urgency. She swore softly to herself. It could either be Wilson, her best friend or it could be an intruder. If it were an intruder, she could endanger her life by opening the window. As the Princess, she had to consider that possibility but, she really didn't think it was an intruder. The castle was just too well guarded. Especially with the peace treaty coming up.

It had to be Wilson! Yes! That's who it was. Only he would be stupid enough to try and pull off a stunt like this! His quarters were just two floors down, directly below hers. Never the less, she was wary. The first thing she did, was grab her golden dagger from her night stand and carefully tuck it under her arm very carefully so the stranger outside her window wouldn't notice. Prince Tuper wasn't the only one taking self defense classes.


Her silky red night gown swayed gently in the breeze she created as she walked, and the moonlight outlined her figure beneath it, caressing her. Her soft, sky blue hair fell over her shoulders down to her hips. She looked like an angle that just woken up.

He was so far from home and he knew he was taking a big risk by coming early, but he had to see her. He was going to be spending the rest of his life with this girl after all.


This was no way for a princess to act but things had been so boring around there lately. Just little bit of excitement couldn't hurt, could it?

She should have immediately called the guards but couldn't bring herself to do it because if it was her friend Wilson, she didn't want to get him in trouble. She could always call for help and her guards were be there in a flash so she wasn't worried. She would have to pull back the shades first anyway and then, she'd get to see who it was.


She paused a second and stood in thought. He held his breath and prayed. What if she called for help? He'd be caught for sure. Please don't call the guards! But wait, she started forward again this time a little faster. He breathed a sigh of relief.

He'd been crouched at that window for ever his legs were beginning to feel numb, so he carefully shifted his weight to his other knee to get more comfortable. Unfortunately he wasn't paying attention to his hands. The edge of the window that he was holding onto began to crack and give way and in that second, broke off. The next second he was falling.

The split second after that, miraculously, he some how managed to grab onto the ledge he'd just been crouching on. He heard a startled yelp from within her room and looked up to see her window fly open.


She watched in horror as he fell from the ledge. Oh no! She ran to the window.

Quickly she threw back the shades and threw open the window. There he was, barely hanging on for his life but it wasn't Wilson.

She did the only thing she could do and grabbed onto his wrists just as his hands lost their hold. She suddenly felt herself being pulled out the window by his weight but just as she thought she was going to be pulled all the way out, her feet caught onto something inside the her room. That ugly chair Ambassador Pith Lehrmann gave her! She would have to thank him for it later even though it was hideous!

She took that split second to brace her knees against the window frame in case her feet slipped.

"Hold on!" She gasped feeling his sweaty hands slip from her grasp.

"Let go! I'm too heavy. I'm pulling you out with me!" He shouted back.

"Oh shut up and help me!" She spat refusing to let go.

"Please, I don't want your death on my hands!" He said.

"If anything, your death will be on my hands after I pull you up here for waking me up in the middle of the night!" She said between clenched teeth not letting go. Beads of sweat were appearing on her forehead.

She wasn't going to let go and so, he either had to climb up or pull her down with him. Stubborn girl! He struggled to find a foothold without moving around too much. He didn't know how she was managing to hold onto him at all. She looked so frail.

He found a little ledge, just big enough to put the tips of his feet into. "Whew! That was close." He said out loud to himself but then that ledge started to crumble under his weight.

"Shit!" He breathed.

"What are you waiting for! Pull yourself up!" She shouted tugging on his arms.

"Are you sure? I'm pretty... *gasp* AHHHHH!" He couldn't finish because the ledge under his left foot gave away.

"Yes, I'm sure you are but I'm not a weakling! Now come on!" She shouted getting really angry.

He managed to put both feet on what was left of the ledge and looked up ready to jump for it.

"OK! Here I come!" He shouted and with all his strength, jumped up to her window where she grabbed him around the waist and pulled him the rest of the way inside her room. She fell back and he fell on top of her with a loud thud!

BANG! BANG! BANG! "Princess Mariana! Is everything all right in there?!" A guard shouted just outside her door. They locked eyes for a second and them Mariana pushed the young man off.

The young man whom she just saved got on his knees and started begging for her not to tell on him.

Well, he looked harmless enough. Heck, she was pretty sure she could even kick his a** if she had to.

"Everything is fine! I just fell out of bed, now please leave me alone and go guard my room from farther down the hallway! I need to sleep!" She said blushing furiously at what she just said. She hated to make something up like falling out of bed but it was the only believable thing she could think of.

"Yes, princess! Sorry to of disturbed you!" One of the guards said nervously retreating to the end of the hallway. The other guards followed shaking their heads.

Mariana turned to the young man on the floor and crossed her arms. The young man grinned at the princess.

"Do you do that a lot?" He asked smiling.

"Do what?" She spat back irritably.

"Fall out of your bed?" He said laughing softly.

"I don't know who you are, but you have SOME NERVE WAKING ME UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND FROM OUTSIDE MY BEDROOM WINDOW! If you don't tell me who you are right now, I will call the guards and have you thrown into the dungeon for spying on me!" The young man stood up and straightened his shirt up.

"My name is Tuper Viel and it is an honor to meet you princess Mariana Horishima." He said with a bow slightly out of breath.

Mariana stepped back stunned. "Your the prince?! Your King Viel's son?! No way! You soooo, PUNY!" She said laughing.

Tuper resisted the urge to scream and instead crossed his arms. "I may appear 'puny', but let me assure you Miss, I am far from it." He said to his defense.

"Why would the prince come crawling up to my window in the middle of the night, when he's going to see me tomorrow?!"

He blushed with embarrassment and turned away. Shrugging his shoulders he said, "I'm uncomfortable around large crowds and I wanted to meet you before then because you would think I'm a total snob if you didn't." He said softly.

Mariana was surprised from his sudden mood change. One minute he was cocky and arrogant and the next, somber and shy.

"Why would I think that?" She asked. He turned around and faced her.

"Like I said, I become uncomfortable around large crowds so I say as little as I'm required to. Do you understand now?"

"Um, I guess so." She said.

"I can't believe I'm telling you this! What is wrong with me?" He said clenching his fists at his side. Mariana moved her hand to touch his shoulder be he moved away before she could.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It had to be a guard.

"I said leave me alone! I want to sleep!" She shouted at the door. There was a pause and then she heard some one she wasn't expecting to hear.

"It's Wilson! Is everything all right in there? I heard you shouting a little while ago from outside my window!"

Mariana rolled her eyes and turned to Tuper. "Quick! You need to go now!" She said pushing him towards the window.

"What?! You expect me to crawl back out there? No way! I'll kill myself!"

"Well who's fault is that? You shouldn't have come at all. Fine! Hide in my closet!" She said opening the door to her closet. The prince took one look inside and turned around.

"NO way! No telling what's in there!"

"GET IN THERE NOW BEFORE I POUND YOU WITH MY FISTS!" She screamed holding up her fists.

"Mariana! What's going on in there! I hear you talking to some one!"

"JUST GET IN THERE, NOW!" She said shoving him inside and sliding the door shut. A second later, Tuper heard her front door being kicked open.

"Wilson! How dare you kick open my door?! I SHOULD FIRE YOU!" She sounded really pissed. More so than when she had yelled at him just a few minutes ago.

"Oh come on Mariana! We both know you wouldn't do that. Now who else is in here?" He asked shoving past her. Mariana grabbed Wilson by his right arm and swung him around until he was facing her.


"Whoa! I can't believe you just did that!" Wilson shouted surprised. "What are you going to tell them?"

"I'm going to tell them to escort you to your room Wilson! Your really pushing me too far tonight! Yesterday was bad enough tattle telling on me the way you did!"

"But I was worried about you!" He protested.

"I could have taken care of my self just fine! I'm sick and tired of guards following me everywhere all the time! I can't even go to the bathroom without a guard by the door!"

"Listen, I'm sorry Mariana. I thought I heard some one in here and thought that you were being attacked! I'm really sorry!" He said becoming slightly alarmed.

Mariana sighed and plopped down on her bed. Two guards appeared at her door.

"You called Princess?" A very burly guard asked eyeing Wilson with his hand hanging over the gun at his side.

"Um, never mind. I'm fine. You can go back where you were, thank you." She said waving the guard off like nothing happened at all.

"As you wish my princess." The guard added a little hesitantly but left and closed the door behind him. Wilson stared at the closed door and then back at his friend. He understood what she was going through. How it must feel to be forced into marrying some one you don't even know.

"Wilson, I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said." She said holding her head in her hands. Wilson sat down next to his best friend for twelve years and hugged her shoulders.

"Hey, don't worry about it. Tomorrow your meeting your husband to be, for the first time."

Mariana shivered. "Don't remind me. I wish it didn't have to be this way." She said starting to cry softly." She groaned and then suddenly remembered WHO was in HER closet!

"UM Wilson, I'm very tired. Can we talk again tomorrow?" Mariana asked suddenly, trying to sound extremely tired. Wilson bought it though. Always so gullible.

"Of course Mariana. You get your beauty sleep. Your going to need it. Good night." He said giving her a hug.

"Good night Wilson." She said giving him a kiss on the cheek. Wilson couldn't help but blush a little as he got up to leave. At the door he turned around and winked.

"Sweet dreams princess." Mariana smiled at her dear friend. How she was going to miss him when she moved away with...

As soon as Wilson closed the door she jumped up and ran to her closet. She opened it and looked inside. Tuper was no where to be found.

"Tuper?" She asked looking around.


"Looking for some one?" He asked from behind startling her. She spun around and glared at him.

He gave her a goofy smile back. She bit her lip holding back a nasty reply and pointed to the door.

"Please go! We'll meet again tomarrow." She asked as politly as she could under the circumstances.

"I hope our meeting tonight hasn't spoiled your perfect image of me." He said smiling, stepping closer.

"HA! You spoiled that the moment you crawled up to my window. Oh and by the way, how did you climb up there without the guards noticing you?"

He just smiled at and leaned in close to her face. "I have my ways." He whispered and then slipped out the door.

To Be Continued