A/N: I haven't written funny poetry in a while, so please understand. I found this quite silly, but it's really meant just to be slightly whimsical.

Often times, I dream at night

Of spotted things and dogs taking flight.

But everyone knows it's hamsters who fly

Not very quickly - but they get there by and by.

And what I can't seem to understand

Is the dolphins in my band.

For I imagine them playing the flute

When all people know it's the tuba they toot.

Spiders crawl 'round the floors

Scurrying about, doing my chores

When I have really employed

Singing fish to pick up my toys.

Though silly it may seem

in my very latest dream

A chipmunk came and danced for me

But chipmunks can't dance - they do karekoke

So I really must stop to eat

Before I go to bed and to sleep.

Because I am having very odd dreams

It's stranger than my world by all means!

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