My Dad's A Turtle

Today my Daddy cannot play with me,

He's gone to play with some friends across the sea,

He's been gone real long now; today's the third whole day

But whenever I remind Mommy, she never has anything to say

Today when I asked her, she said that Daddy was very brave

And he went across the sea because it was me he wanted to save

Well, I'm not quite sure what that means, but maybe Dad's playing Robin Hood

Where he steals all the money from the Bad and gives it to the Good

Or maybe he's playing Batman-yeah-that's my Dad's kind of guy

I can see him in his big black airplane, swooping down from the sky

It could be that my Dad's a turtle-the mutant kind of course

Although I'm not sure if they let turtles (even the mutant kind) join the Air Force

Or maybe my Dad's all of them in one

And he's telling everyone across the sea how to get things done

All I really know is that I am the luckiest girl of them all

And no matter what my Mommy says, Daddy will never fall

Because my Dad's a hero, and he's way cooler than yours

I'll prove it—but you'll have to wait-right now he's playing in some wars