"My Friend and My Pet"

I lost a friend

I lost a pet

How much worser

Can this life get?

My friend was there

In good times and bad

My pet was there

When I was sad

My friend smiles

In any condition

My pet cuddles

In any position

I lost them

And I lost my life

Who would've known

That it would end with a knife?

My Family teases me about it

But my friend is there to comfort

They tried (A/N: my friend!) to cheer me up

But it was worth the effort

My outsides look cool

But my insides is full of pain

I wont ever make

The same mistake again


Yeah, I know... weird... I want to dedicate this poem to my friend and my pet.. (DUH!)

Well, my friend is going to another part of this country (Philippines) and my pet died just yesterday! *sob* Wahh! I loved that bunny!

Anyway, just wanted to thank you for reading THIS PIECE OF CRAP!