The Diary of Cassandra P. Finch

Dear Diary(Cheezy huh?), Everyone I know is always writing in their 'Diary', so I figure I must be missing out on something great here, if everyone does it, ya know? Well I guess I'll tell you a bit about myself. I am 13, I have green eyes, black hair, and I'm...medium height. My official name is Cassandra Finch, and I didn't like it when I was little, so I put the P. in there to make it more interesting, but I still don't like my name. Cassandra, ugh! Well my friends call me 'Casie' which is better, but I still don't like it. Ok, I have only one sibling. A brother. Actually I don't think of him as my brother, because he is too annoying to actually come from the same gene pool as me. His name is Derek, and he's 7. Don't ask me if he is normal, because I don't know. Maybe it's normal for 7 year old boys to act the way he does, but I think it's just strange if you ask me. I refer to him as...well actually I try not to refer to him at all if I can help it. If I do have to talk about him, I call him 'The Oddball', because he IS the oddball in our family, no doubt about it. My parents are those scientific neat freak kind of people. My Mom is a Nurse, and my Dad is a Dentist, hm, imagine that. Anyway, they're always telling me to clean my room and such, because as far as they're concerned if your room is neat, it's comfortable. Not to me! If my room is neat, I feel out of place...immensely. Whenever I am forced to clean my room, I lose everything. I can never find anything, so my room ends up getting messy again, and then I feel better. My parents, being naive as they are, tried to get my brother to clean his room the other day, ha! Like that would work. It ended up with them cleaning his room, while he played video games, by 9:00 that night his room was messy again. See what I mean? They are so utterly and completely naive. TRYING TO GET A 7 YR. OLD TO HAVE A CLEAN ROOM! Puh! Idiots. Anyway. They also try and get me to go to school everyday. As if! I'd rather sleep in. Anyway, when they do eventually get me on the bus to school, I just stop at the mall and wander around until lunch, then I go and have lunch with my friends and after that we all head out to do something more fun than school. Somehow I manage to pass school with high C's. It's not that I'm stupid or anything. I always know when there's a test and I show up, pass with flying colours and then don't do anything. It's easy really. Well, I just can't seem to stop writing, I can tell already, this is going to get addictive. Damnit, I should never have started this. I'm not going to be able to stop. Alright, what more do you need to know about me? Boys? Ha! I just go up to guys and they run away from me, I don't know why. I'm not THAT scary..well maybe, I am, but there's gotta be some guy who ain't afraid of me. There is ONE guy I have my eye on. He's goth, it's cool. Hmm...I suppose I can be goth-ish sometimes, I like to wear black baggy cargo pants and those screen sort of's hard to explain. Anyway it looks awesome, but it seems to scare guys the most. Oh rats, my nasty little brother has just brought in his little Mess Crew to play video games, I guess I have to stop. If anyone in my family knew I had a Diary, my thoughts would no longer be private, my parents are snoopy, and my brother? Like he would even think twice before reading it! Ha! Well g2g now then! Bye -?(Casie..pleh)