"Confession of the Hour"
Dare I say we should be together?

For us to flourish on forever.

Take thy hand and run away with me,

Wouldn't you want a passion to be?
Holding you tight in my quivering hand,

These things are not too easy to understand.

Kiss me now for I mustn't weep,

For I have found something inside you I desire to keep.
Running through endless forest of emerald tree,

Next to you, I wouldn't risk to flee.

Hold me closer for I sense doubt in those pools of glory,

One day we'll fall into each other to utter lovers' story.
Foolish hearts should candid for a promising guise,

But men speak of truth and noting lies.

You are far from deception in all forms,

Next to me you'll soon see the love of storms.
I feel you slipping from my fingertips,

Forgetting the tenderness of your lips.

A dim shadow will befall us all,

And my elegant fairy tale will seem so small.
Listen to my confession,

And here the depression.

A thousand words you shall over look,

Missing the rendered heart in which you took.