I miss y'all

Friends, friends,
Dearest friends,
I miss y'all,
Like the summer rains,
And the autumn leaves that fall.
People here like me,
I was accepted immediatly.
But what I need now,
Now I need ya'll.
You people of the south,
Of the wet and hot weather.
This place is fun,
But could be more so were you here.
This place is a rat's maze,
But you could light hte path home,
Were you here.
The girls are pretty,
The weather cold.
I like this place much,
And would even here grow old.
But friends,
Dearest friends,
I am here,
You are there,
But it's my wish to you
That you may have the best of luck,
Conquer all challenges,
And cherish the memories we have.

~Dedicated to my friends in the south, but especially
Erin, Zack,Zach, Thomas, Travis, Joseph, Jason, Ricky and Chris~