Becca knew her sister was better than her. She was prettier, more fun, more social, more everything. And by that state in Becca's life, she was okay with that. She had gotten used to it, and being the underdog did have it's benefits (unlimited self-pity).

But what she had not gotten used to was her sister with Scott. Her Scott. Okay, so Scott wasn't really hers at all, but rather, ironically, her sister's. But at one point he had been. In grade 4, to be exact. He was the new kid in town, a year older than her, and she had been his first friend. She had brought him over to her house for milk and cookies and had introduced Katarina, her sister, to him. At that point in time, Becca and Kat had been great friends, and immediately the threesome had become inseparable. They did everything together, and everything had been great.

But then Kat and Scott started going to high school, together, and it was like they had suddenly figured out that they were older and cooler than Becca, and they left her in the dust. They started going out by Christmas of their grade 9 year, and her grade 8 year.

Everyone had said that it had been inevitable, natural progression. Becca didn't quite see it that way. The way she saw it, Scott could've of ended up with either of them. It had just ended up to be Kat. But Becca had given that up by Scott and Kat's 2 year anniversary(some people get married after that long!), and had resigned her self to the fact that Scott was with Kat, and that it would no doubt stay that way. They would eventually get married, have children, and Becca would have to come over and congratulate them on the baby and act happy about their happiness. Cause, see, no one really knew how Becca felt. And she wasn't exactly planning on telling them.

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