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Becca sat on her couch, in her house, flipping through some demeaning Teen magazine. She liked being home. The cottage was great and everything, but after a while you miss civilization. Oh yah, that and her computer. She had been there a couple of days now, and hadn't seen Angela since they had gotten back home. Truthfully, she was kind of sick of Angela after a month, and she had no doubt that Angela felt the same way.

Also, she had just wanted some quiet time after all the drama, and sadness, and soul-searching from the trip. She had wanted to just free her mind, and lie on her couch, and not have to ponder over anything.

She had plans to see all the friends she had ditched for like a month, and couldn't wait too hang out with people that didn't remind her of Scott. Personally, she was sick of him. Well, actually, not really him, but rather she was sick of the situation. At that moment, Becca heard the front door open, slam close, then feet running up the steps. No doubt it was Katarina. Becca was getting sick of this; for the last few days of the trip, and the first few days of them being back, she had been having apoplectic fits over not speaking with Scott.

Becca begrudgingly made her way upstairs to her sister's bedroom. She opened the door slowly, to find her sister lying on her stomach on her bed, with her face down in her dozens of pillows, shaking like she was crying.

" Katsy, what wrong?" Becca said tentatively.

" Go away. I don't want to talk."

" C'mon, tell me." Becca pleaded.

Kat's voice took on a more than a hint of sarcasm." That's funny, I could have sworn that I said I didn't want to talk." Kat glared up at Becca.

" Kat, you got to talk to someone!"

Her voice suddenly went serious. " You're right, I do, and you're all I have!" With this, Kat started balling into her pillows. " I mean, he takes me back and everything, and I think that everything going to be sunshine and roses, and then a month later he tells me that he just can't keep pretending…" Kat started to cry even harder at this, while Becca's heart was soaring. " Pretending what? That he loved me? That he could stand me? I don't know, because I leeeeeffffftttt!" she was sobbing harder than ever, and Becca was patting her head. " I mean, am I not pretty?"

" Of course your pretty! You're gorgeous!" Becca put all the enthusiasm she could muster into this. " Look, maybe this is a good thing! You can go out and date, and meet guys with your friends! Think about it. Who wants to be tied down by a guy? Not you. I mean, you haven't even been able to really date! This could be your chance!" all of this sounded like crap to Becca's ears, but it surprisingly, it seemed to perk Kat's.

"Maybe you're right. Wait, I could date that guy at my work!"

" There you go!"

" Uh, thanks for making me feel better, Becks .All the same, I think I'm still gonna stay in bed for awhile. What do yah think?"

" Brilliant idea!" Becca smiled. " Well, I'll leave you to your sleeping."

Becca left he sister's room, and let her mind race. She couldn't, yet could, believe that Scott had broken up with Kat. On one hand, it was the total right thing to do. On the other hand, Scott hadn't really been doing the right thing when it came to Kat. Finally, Scot was being the man she had always that he was.

Becca shook her head and cleared her head. She was thinking in circles, and it was starting to make her dizzy! She decide to not analyze it to death, but to rather take it as it was; And it was this: Scott was free!

Not that it made any kind of difference.

By the time school had started, Becca hadn't seen or heard from Scott . Really, there was no reason why she would. He had no connection with Kat any more, and him and Becca weren't exactly on speaking terms.

After the first day of school, Becca went to Angela's house to go over each other's classes and such. After about a half an hour of school related conversation, Angela suddenly came out of left field:

" So, are you ever gonna talk to Scott again?" Groan, Becca thought. The last thing she wanted to talk about was Scott. It was done, and it seemed unnecessary to talk about it further.

" What?" Becca said exasperatedly.

" Just wondering. I mean, you haven't mentioned him in like months, and I just wanted to know where things stand, you know?"

" Not really. What do you want to know?" Becca was starting to get really annoyed.

" Do you still like him?"

" I dunno. Maybe -"

" Maybe! How could you even consider still liking him after all that happened!"

" Whoa ! How couldn't I? Look, I've liked this guy for like ever! Those feelings aren't suddenly gonna be turned off. That's not the way it works. But I do believe I'm getting over him. Now can we please stop talking about him?"

" If he asked you back, would you say yes?"

" Aaarrrggghhh! can't you just drop it?" Becca picked up her glass and headed for the kitchen. She couldn't take this. Angela followed her.

" No, I can't just drop it! You're my best friend, in case you've forgotten, and your emotional well-being is important to me. I'm the one you're supposed to talk to about this stuff. Look, I'd never seen you the way I saw you the week proceeding the Scott thing. If you still have issues with this guy, tell me! Now, would you take him back?"

This time Becca didn't fight. She just stood there, staring at Angela for a good long time, pondering. Then she answered. " I don't know. Possibly. I mean, I'm angry, sure, but that's only superficial, and under that is the love I've always felt for him. I just can't seem to forget him, Ange." As Becca said this, she felt the hopelessness of her situation, and wished for the millionth time that she didn't feel the way she felt. It was like what her crazy English teacher used to say; You can't choose who you love. Becca had certainly not chosen this no-win situation. Becca felt, again, a tear fall down her cheek, and wiped it away brusquely. She was sick of crying over this guy.

" God, Becca, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry!" Angela went to her friend to hug her.

" No, I'm fine. Look, I should go."

" Becca…"

" No, really, it's ok. It's like a cold; I'll get over it, it'll just take a couple of leaky eyes and late nights. Bye."

" Bye. By the way, nice analogy." Becca laughed.

That night, Angela headed out, on a mission. She rang the door bell of the target house, until someone answered the door.

" What the…Angela?"

" Hey Scott."

" Uh, hey, what the hell are you doing here?"

" I just, yah know, wanted to talk," Angela knew she sounded stupid, but it was all that would come out. She should have planned this a little more.

" Look, I'll see you at school, ok? We'll… talk then, I guess." Scott started to leave.

" Scott, do you think I came all the way out here for nothing?" Scott started opening the door. Angela hadn't realized he could be so rude, and wondered why she was even there, but persevered.

" It's about Becca." Scott wheeled around on his heel, and looked at her.

" obviously, really. I mean, what other conceivable link could we possibly have?" Angela continued.

Scott just looked at her. He was obviously waiting for her to get to the point.

" look, how do you feel about her?" Scott scoffed, loudly, then turned to leave again. Ok, wrong question. " Just trust me, ok? So tell me, do you still like her? Did you ever like her?"

" Angela, that's no business of yours. It's cold, so I'm going inside-"

" because, you know she's told me how she feels about you.:"

Scott stopped, but didn't turn around. " Really."

" Yah, and if you could just clarify some things…"

" Then what? What the hell is the point of all this? Are you just interrogating me for her? Cause, I'll tell you now, this is all very weird, and I'm not just gonna spill my guts to you-"

" please don't." Scott glared at her. " Ok, Ok, here it is. I'll lay it out for you, since you're obviously not going to give me an inch. Becca would kill me if she finds out I've told you, but here goes. Becca likes you. Still. And I think that if you still like and want her, it could work out. Just thought you should know, because I figured you probably wouldn't ever attempt to reconcile." Scott just stood there for a few minutes, a blank expression on his face. He seemed to digesting that information. Then he spoke:

" You think she's forgiven me? That she'll take me back?" Angela was surprised at the sincerity in his voice. He sounded so unsure, yet hopeful. His face had taken a completely different look. It was soft, his eyes looking into hers with a kind of desperation. Angela saw, for the first time, signs of major emotion for Becca in Scott. Maybe Becca's plight wasn't so helpless after all.

" Yah, I do. She's kinda pathetic that way," Scott smiled, then suddenly looked awkward.

" Look, Angela, I'm sorry I was so rude, but I thought you were gonna rag on me about what happened. I had no idea you'd do this."

" No way, that for next weeks trip! Just kidding. I just want my best friend happy," with that, Angela left, leaving Scott with his confused thoughts, but a plan forming in his mind.

Becca looked up the street she walking up down nervously. She didn't know if she wanted it to be empty or full. It was late, and downtown, so either could be bad or good. She was walking home from work at 10:00 at night. She calmed herself, and continued walking, confident she'd be fine. Really, it was just her paranoia. She was fine. That was, until a car started following her.

At first, she convinced herself that it was just trying to park. But it kept following her, so Becca sped up. It sped up. Becca was starting to really freak out when someone got out of the car. She avoided looking at the person, and continued to walk faster.

" Hey," she heard, and turning around, slammed her bag into the face of her attacker. Only when he was on the ground, did she realize it was Scott.

" Oh My God! Scott! Are you ok? I'm soo sorry-"

" Don't worry. I'm just peachy." Ah, good old Scott sarcasm. Becca had missed it. Once Becca was sure he was ok, she tore into him.

" How could you do that, sneaking up on me like that? At 10 o'clock at night, in a car with tinted windows that's not even yours! You scared the living crap out of me! What do you have to say for yourself?"

" Uh, sorry? Look, I didn't realize I was following you for so long , or that you'd notice. I was thinking about what I'd say when I approached you."

" Oh, so it took you 5 minutes to come up with Hey? Good use of your time!" Scott laughed, and sat up. Becca had been kneeling beside him, and proceeded to sit down on the pavement.

" So, what the hell are you doing sneaking up on me in the first place?"

" I wanted to talk to you."

" So you followed me in a car. Gotcha."

" No, I went to your house, which I'd like to say was pretty awkward, and your mother told me you were at work, and got off now. So I decided to catch you on your way out, but I missed you, so I caught up with you here." Becca's mind was absolutely reeling. Why, oh why, was Scott looking to catch up with her?

Scott suddenly cut into her thoughts. " no, but seriously, are you ok?" He seemed sincere.

" I'm ok now that I see that it's you, someone who, I hope, will not axe me and cut me up."

Scott laughed. " The night's still young, ya know." They both laughed.

Becca suddenly became serious. " Scott, why did you want to talk to me?"

" I don't remember." It was true. He'd had a whole speech prepared, but now it was forgotten.

" Oh." Becca started to stand, but Scott grabbed her hand and looked up at her.


Becca looked into his eyes, And suddenly felt okay. She lowered herself back down onto the deserted curb, that was vaguely reminiscent of the curb in front of that fateful Denny's. She smiled to herself.

But Scott noticed. " What?"

Becca didn't know why but she told him. " This kinda reminds me of that night, and Denny's."

Scott smiled too. " Yah, I guess you're right," For some reason, this wasn't as awkward as it should have been. " I never got to tell you… I had a really good time that night." Scott looked directly into Becca's eyes, his gaze unwavering.

" Me too." Becca gazed back.

" The truth is, I've always enjoyed being with you." Becca suddenly got very nervous. She stood up, and Scott followed suit. " Becca, please don't go. I've wanted to say this for longer than you could possibly know." Becca wanted to run, but her feet were planted to the spot. " The thing is, I'm an idiot. And chicken shit, like you said. I took the easy route, the stupid route, and it ended up screwing me more than I ever thought it could. I lost you; I made things more confusing with me and Kat; and I lost you." Becca smiled, and looked up at him. They locked eyes, like two pieces in a puzzle that fit together. " I know I shouldn't expect anything, because I remember what you said…Never again, and I have no right to expect anything from you. But if you still have any inkling to give me another, or an initial chance, to prove to you that I'm really-"

" Scott. Stop. It's unnecessary. Anything you say…it won't change. I do remember what I said, and I'd like to keep to that oath." Scott's smile and heart dropped almost instantaneously and simultaneously. He started to walk away.

Becca was standing there, her heart torn apart. She watched Scott start to walk back to his car, and couldn't stand to let him walk away. She had wanted so much to teach him a lesson, to make him feel the way she had felt; but now, all she wanted was Scott. " But Scott," He froze. " Don't they say 'never say never'?" Scott turned around, and seeing the look on Becca's face, grinned from ear to ear.

" I'm sorry, I just.."

" I know." With that, Scott went and took Becca intro his arms and kissed her with everything he had. His love for her flowed through him as he kissed her. This was true, this was real.

Becca let Scott's arms encircle her, and his lips press against hers. After all, she was practically paralysed from the shock. She had Scott. Scott had her. They were together, in love. As many times as it played in her head, it didn't seem real. But feeling Scott's lips, and wrapping her arms around his neck, it felt real. Scott's lips gently pulled away, and Becca heard a whisper in her ear. " I love you, Becca." She melted. That was the only way to explain it. She hated feeling like one of those cheesy girls from the romance novels, but she couldn't help it. She whispered it back, then kept on kissing.

There they were, standing on a downtown curb at 10:00 at night, making out, and it was the most romantic thing Becca had ever known.

Even months later, as she thought about, she couldn't help but grin at the magic of it all. It wasn't corny, or clichéd, but sincere, and totally heart warming.

" What are you smiling about?" Scott said in Becca's ear. They were lying on Becca's couch, her in his arms, watching but not really watching some show. Instead they were talking and just enjoying each other's company.

" Nothing," Becca said, smiling.

" Oh, Really! I guess I'll just have to extract it from you!" He then proceeded to tickle Becca in the ribs. Becca squirmed, convulsing with laughter. She eventually got to his ribs, and tickled him until he yelled mercy. They settled back onto the couch, all smiles.

As Becca watched herself doing this, she couldn't believe her luck. Ok, she really could, because she more than deserved it. But still, she counted her blessings everyday. Also, she was blessed that Kat hadn't disowned her when she found out about them. In fact, she hadn't been that upset at all, probably because of Clint, her new boyfriend, who kept her mind occupied.

So as it turned out, Scott did belong to her. He was hers, hopefully forever.

Scott's sentiments over the relationship were similar. He couldn't believe how lucky he was to have found someone who he loved, and who really loved him. He had finally found someone who he really belonged with. And he'd never let her go.