The Hounds of Thee Abyss

Chapter 1, introduction of the main character.

First person view point for most of the story.

Warnings: Violence, death and things beyond all comprehension.


The people gathered tightly together, huddling against one another as the dark, cold, freezing nights of the battle city slowly set in in an agonizing fashion, slowly creeping up upon them and wrapping them in its chilling embrace. I could feel the children of the night awakening from their restless daysleep, born again under the gentle lighting of the moons embrace. I was one of those creatures, I was a child of the night and the heat of it burned brightly in my black heart. I am of the neverworld, of the darkness and its crushing abyss. No one can match my strength, and yet I am still drawn to one of the more entertaining activities of the human kind. The Hounds of Thee Abyss competition. A competition in which humans, demons, and supernatural beings of the like come with their many hounds and battle them to the death, or at least until the owner surrenders to them.

This year me and my guardian will be participating in these events, and we shall not lose, not to anyone. We cannot lose for my life is wagered on this competition. If I am to lose than I shall have to return to thee Abyss to lead the Hell army. Father has been after me to do this for a long time now and I win then I shall have my freedom again for another year when once again I'll have to return to enter the competition.

The creatures here still have not noticed my presence here upon this blackened rooftop. I suppose I should make my presence know now, I only hope these beings do not anger me. I move further back into the shadows and close my eyes as I imagine my transformation. I could feel my leather black wings and tail retracting as the claws on my hands and feet disappeared as well. As my cloths appeared on my body I raised my silver scythe into the air and called upon my powers to hide it in my Abyss. My Abyss is like my own personal holding space for things that I do not wish to carry. Fully transformed I walk over to the rain gutters at the edge of the roof and jump silently to the softened earth below.

One of the vampires near by heard my fall and watched me as I walked quietly towards them. He nodded towards me then abandoned it to observe the others nearby. They looked up as I stopped a few feet away from them and all greeted me with their own kind of hello. I greeted them with silence and arrogance. I did not care for them or their lives. They ment nothing to me. White eyes hidden behind a head of christine white hair caught my attention and my senses bristled with the unknown feelings rushing threw my being. He grinned a white grin at me and bared a single fang. I could not have foretold it them, but I had just found my greatest rival, and my greatest love.


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