Poem about Ged Sparrowhawk from "A Wizard of Earthsea". Yes, it is my special talent to fall in love with book characters. *sour look* It's also very painful.

Book Lover

Life and death
In one reckoning
Feeling soft dusty pages under
My fingers
I forget the world
And all
My sorrows as
I hold the leather-bound cover
And read
Sinking into separate
And dreams of those
I want to touch
How many times have I
Sorrowed and
Rejoiced with you
O book
My thoughts
Dissolve as I think your thoughts
How many times have I
Read this dream
How many times have I
Fallen in love with you
And broken my heart
And felt your victories
And your losses
For you have many
And I long to comfort you
I feel a deep pain and sorrow
Mourning with you
For your freedom
For the life you had to leave behind
Feel rejoicing for you
When you triumph over death and
When you find love
Then drop my tears on the vellum
When realization
Comes to me
I can never be with you
I can never love you
I know you are happy
But I will cry
You are gone from me
I wish you many happy years
I wish you many lovely days
I bless you
You who turn down fear
You who save your land
I know you are happy
But I will cry
The world turns
And I clutch the book to me
Breathing in the smell of dust
Crying hard
I am a dreamer
You are real
To me
I am a lover
Of what cannot be
You are happy
And I will love you
By reading
I will meet you again and again
In the world of paper
I will lose you again and again
But I will be
A dreamer
A whisperer
And a lost child
Someday I
Will meet your
Living equal
And I will read your story
But no longer will it break my heart
I will meet you again

Owari ~ End