A/N: Ok, this is sort of what's happening in my life. Well, just this chapter, to start my story off. And yess these are MY feelings, so just..yah. I hope I get reviews!


Aileen stared at her mother in disbelief. Surely she didn't just say what she thought she said, did she? Maybe she heard wrong, but no, she could've sworn that her mother just asked her what she thought about moving. Again! Aileen had just moved! She couldn't expect her to just 'up and go', could she?

Aileen had lived in BC her whole life, and then last year her parents had just flung the idea on her. How would she like to move to Alberta? Well, umm..let me think about that. No! Her mind had screamed at her, but eventually she got used to the idea, they had a great school there, and the house they bought wasn't bad. Of course, she'd lived in BC her whole life! Moving to another province was no small move. They ended up moving in the end, though.

It was now spring. She loved her new school, and the people were wonderful! She made a new best friend, that she couldn't imagine living without. Now her mother sprung this on her. Her Mom had had her eye on a job, and she had just assumed she would get it. She didn't, and now her mother had gotten an email telling her the person who had her old job had quit, and they wondered if she wanted her job back. Of course she did, but this would throw Aileens whole life off balance. How could her parents do this to her? Her head spun. She knew if she spoke she would cry, so she opted for staying quiet. Her lower lip tremble as she bit it to hold back the tears. She couldn't cry, she couldn't! Not now. How would she tell her friends this? They would be devastated too. Of course the ones in BC would be ecstatic if I might be moving back. Aileen knew that no one would understand her. Her friends in BC wanted her back, her friends in Alberta of course didn't want her to go, but her best friend in Alberta didn't like the school they were going to, so she wouldn't understand that reason. Aileen had based her life on that school, what desicions she would be making. Didn't her parents care about HER feelings? O course, they thought they did. Probably thought they were doing her a favour, since she hated Alberta. It's not that she didn't want to move back, it's that it would completely throw her world out of wack, of it's axis, into space somewhere. She'd probably go back into a depression, her world would be turned upside down. Her parents couldn't do this to her! They couldn't! What made Aileen more upset was that she knew that if her parents decided to move back, she couldn't do anything to stop herself from going along. Or could she? She could run away, but she was probably too chicken to do that. Or was she? I guess if she were desperate enough.