Fate will never Tell.


Don sighed as his parents told him to get on the plane. Of all the things to do to him they had to move form New York to Taiean, Texas. A small town of maybe 500 hundred people. It was his mother's hometown and she wanted to move back there for some reason or another. Maybe it was because his grate-grandparents had finally died.
Looking up he smiled into the warm chocolate brown eyes of his boyfriend Kyle, "I'll write." Don said softly.
Kyle smiled and bent to kiss Don lightly on the lips, "Damn right you will." The twenty year old collage student softly cupped Don's cheek, "You better come and visit sometime."
Don smiled, "I will."
Kyle kissed Don again. And stepped back, "You better go."
Nodding the seventeen year old turned and walked onto the plane.

Jinx shook his head, his long black hair spitting water drops. He and his friends had decided to spend the hot Texas summer day at the lake that sat in the middle of the small town. The temperature reached 110F by the time noon rolled around. Jinx looked around the lakeshore, his ocean blue eyes bright in the hot sun. Spotting who he was looking for he swam to the shore and got out of the cool water, "Sandy," He walked up to his best friend who sat on the shore, her long dirty blonde hair was in a tight braid. "Where ya been?" he asked.
His friend looked up at him with doe brown eyes, "Working, duh." She grinded, "Maybe you should try it some time."
Jinx stuck his tongue out at her, then yelped as his other friend Simon jumped on him form behind.
Simon grinned at Sandy his arm around Jinx's tanned shoulders, "Is this ruffian bothering you?"
Sandy smiled, "No more than you are."
Simon grabbed at his chest and fell dramatically down in the grass, a muffled "Ouch that hurt." Came from him.
Sandy rolled her eyes and stepped over him, "Oh, I saw a moving van out side the old Simmons's place. From what I've heard is that their granddaughter is moving in to the house. I don't know why they would want to move in. I hear that they're from New York."
Jinx stretched his lean and well toned body, "Who knows what northerners think. I have to go to work." He grinned at Sandy, "See I do have a job."
Sand sighed, "Yeah sure ya do." She grinned back, "Tell Mr. T I said hi."
Jinx nodded picked up his shirt, slung it over his shoulder, slipped into his sandals and walked off.
Sandy watched Jinx's well-made back walk off, she deeply cared for her friend but had a feeling that they would never get to be any more than just friends. The sixteen-year-old girl had a feeling that her friend didn't like girls.

Don stepped out of the car; his legs tingled as the blood got back to them. Wincing he ran his fingers though his light honey colored hair, his amber eyes looking wolfish in the bright sun, "God it's hot." He muttered quietly to himself.
A movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention, looking he saw a very good looking guy about his age with a well toned and tanned chest and black hair. The boy's hair stuck out at odd angles, it looked to be long on top and short on bottom. Nodding the other boy smiled, "Welcome to Taiean." Giving Don a quick once over he walked off down the street.
Don followed the other teen till he had turned a corner and disappeared form Don's line of sight. "Don! Come on boyo get some boxes and start to bring them in!" His father, Jake, yelled from the front door.
Don nodded absently, "All right." Grabbing a large, and strangely heavy, box labeled "bed clothes" Don walked inside wondering what else his mom had put in the box.

Jinx walked into his room and turned his computer on. His parents had given him his own computer for Christmas when he was thirteen. When the computer had booted up as small screen popped up that asked for the password. Jinx quickly typed it in and went to take a quick shower and change into his work clothes.
He didn't like keeping secrets from his parents but some -especially the one he had- had to be kept a secret. The fact that he was gay didn't bother him. What bothered him was that he lived in a small town were most of the population had been his age when they were getting rid segregation. Both his mom and dad had traveled around quite a bit (hell they even met in Spain) but that didn't take away the fact that his mother had grown up here and his dad had grown up in another small town in Texas called Yoakum, about two hours away from Houston.

Jinx had just sat down to check his e-mail when a knock on his door made him jump, "Come in."
Jinx's mom –Laura- walked in and smiled at him, "Jinx we're going to go and welcome the new neighbors at 6. Do you want to come?"
Jinx smiled, "Do I have a choice?"
Laura shook her head, "Nope."
Jinx smiled, "Then I guess I'll come."
Laura smiled and left closing the door behind her. Jinx sighed and went back to reading the e-mail newsletter he had gotten. This one was about a school in Klein Independent School District about not letting a GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) to be made a club at the Klein school. The American Civil Liberties Union was taking it to court.
Jinx sat back, he hoped that they would win. He smiled dryly and played with the idea of trying to get one set up at his school. Laughing he closed down his computer and finished getting ready for work.

Don looked about the room and smiled, the one he had picked was at the end of the hall upstairs. It was large and airy with two big windows on the back wall that opened and faced the lake that was at the middle of the small town; the windows reached form the ceiling to the floor. His mother –Anne- walked in and leaned on the doorframe looking at the ordered chaos around the room; boxes were every where and her son's bed frame and mattress were propped up in the corner. Don has insisted that he put his room together by himself. "Do you want something to eat?" She asked.
Don looked over his shoulder, "No thanks, not very hungry."
Anne looked her son over, he was well toned but also skinny for his height, but with the muscles one could barley tell, "You need to eat something."
Don shook his head, "I'll eat later."
Anne pressed her lips then left.
Don sighed when she left, he wanted to go home back the Kyle and his other friends. Wanted to be somewhere, where he knew the streets and the people. Turning away from the window he looked around at the boxes and let his eyes roam, they finally stopped at his bed and walking over to it he started to set it up under the windows.

Jinx drove back home form his job at the T Ranch. He was talking care of a mare that Mr. T had bought a short time ago. The horse had been badly abused and starved; Mr. T had given the job to Jinx to get the horse back up to strength. Looking at the clock on the dashboard Jinx cursed, he was late having spent some extra time grooming the horse. He stepped on the gas and barley made it in to the driveway without crashing into the damned mailbox. Turning off his jeep and jumping out Jinx ran up the stairs yelling, "I know! I know!" to his mother before she could yell at him for being late.
Jinx hopped into the shower and then dressed quickly. He ran down stairs socks and shoes in hand pulling on his shirt. Dropping his shoes he muttered and finished pulling on his shirt.
Laura gave him a funny look, "Jinx."
Jinx looked up wet black hair falling into his bight blue eyes, "What?"
Laura sat in a chair and propped her chin in one hand, "What are you doing?"
Jinx blinked at his mother then moaned and sunk onto the couch. He had forgotten – again – that he had his jeep's clock set fifteen minuets ahead.
Jinx's dad – Danny - chuckled form the kitchen, "Wow, Jinx you're on time today."
Jinx ran his hands over his face, sipping back his hair he mocked dryly, "Yeah imagine that. At least this way I won't be late to my own funeral."
Danny walked out smiling with a cup of coffee in his hand, "How's your lady love doing?"
Jinx smiled, he knew his dad was talking about the horse, "She's doing fine. She's gained some weight."
Danny nodded, the veterinarian smiled, "That's good."
Laura stood, "Well if we're all ready I don't know why we can't go a few minuets early."
Nodding Jinx shoved his feet into his socks and shoes and followed his parents out to the car.

Don had just finished dragging his desk upstairs and finishing hooking his computer up, when the door bell rang and his mom yelled at him form down stairs, "Don, get down here we have guests!"
Don snarled, they've been having guests all day long, "Coming!" Muttering he walked down stairs and stopped when he spotted the guy he'd seen earlier that day. The other boy nodded hello.
Anne smiled, "And this is our son Don."
The other woman offered a hand, "My name is Laura, this is my husband Danny and our son Joseph."
Joseph grimaced and held out a hand, "Call me Jinx please."
Don arched an eyebrow, "Jinx? Is that your nick name?" he knew someone over the internet whose nick name was Jinx.

Jinx smiled, "Yup, long story though."
Laura looked at the two teens, "Jinx why don't you go and give Don a tour of the town?" She looked at Anne, "If that's all right with you?"
Anne shook her head, "Not at all."
Jinx smiled, "Be back in ten min."
Don followed him outside, a little bothered that he found himself attracted to Jinx. It wasn't just physical attraction either like what he had with Kyle. Don't get him wrong Jinx was very good looking; well made upper arms and chest – he remembered from earlier – tan and from what Don could see a very nice ass. Shaking his head he asked himself /Where the fuck did that come from?/ But from were he well knew. Sighing he walked next to Jinx and half listened as the other teen pointed out the "Down town" area.

Jinx watched Don out of the corner of his eye, the other teen was very attractive in all the right ways. He was a little taller then Jinx's 6'1" making Don between 6'3" or 6'5". He had wispy light sand colored hair and amber eyes that looked like a wolf's, it wasn't just his eyes that made Jinx think firmly about a wolf. It was also the way he moved, relaxed but ready to jump into action at a moments notice, and how quiet confidence seemed to pour from him at every step. Stopping himself Jinx looked around and saw that the "tour" was over with. Turing toward Don, he shrugged, "Well that's it. You have had the grand tour of Taiean, Texas."
Don looked at his watch, "Wow, and it took us longer than ten minuets."
Jinx laughed, "Yeah well I took you the long way." He started to head back toward Don's house.
Don followed saying, "Are we going the short way back or the long way again?"
Jinx smiled, "The short way, if you don't mind that is."
Don shook his head, "Not at all."
Jinx nodded, "Good, because we would have gone the short way any way."

Back at Don's house, they were invited to stay for dinner, which they did. Don and Jinx joked lightly though out the dinner much to the liking of both set of parents.
After dinner Jinx's mom helped with the dishes and after that they sat and talked a little. Around nine they decided it was time to leave. Anne and Laura hugged, "If you need any help at all moving in just call all right?" Laura told Anne who nodded and said she would.
Danny and Jake shook hands and said their good-byes.
Don and Jinx also shook hands, "I'll see ya around." Jinx said.
Don laughed, "In this town I have no doubt." Jinx smiled and chuckled dryly.
When they had left Anne looked at Don and winked, "Looks like you made a friend."
Don narrowed his amber eyes at his mother, "Looks like." And went up to finish his room.