Fate will never Tell

Chapter three

A/N: Ok the next two chapters are going to be focused on Sandy and Simon this one is going to be on Sandy and the next one will be on Simon. I'm doing this to give you peeps a better look at the other chars and it'll help me think about what to do next with Jinx and Don. Also what's going to be in these two chaps will have a big part in the story…I think. Oh and FYI Rhea is pronounced Ray.

Sandy waked to the bathroom that she and her twin sister shared and knocked, Cathie had been in there for the past hour and Sandy needed to take a shower. Not hearing anything she tried the knob and the door swung open.
Cathie jumped and covered her ankle, "What are you doing in here? Don't you knock?"
Sandy stuck her tongue out at her sister, "I did," she looked at Cathie's leg, "What happened?" She reached out to take her sister's hand away from her leg where Sandy could see blood from in between her fingers, "Let me see."
Her sister slapped her hand away, "You scared my so bad that I cut myself shaving."
Sandy gave her sister a look, "Really? Then you wouldn't mind my taking a look then huh?" With a little effort she managed to pry her sister's hand away from her leg. Sandy looked down at the long one inch cut on her ankle, "This isn't a shaving cut." Her doe brown eyes met her sisters cold brown ones.
"I cut myself shaving." Cathie said, ice in her voice.
Sandy looked at her sister and asked bluntly, "How long have you been doing this?" She looked at her sister's ankles they were covered in scars.
Cathie shrugged, "What do you care?"
Sandy got the iodine and a cotton ball out of the medicine cabinet and started to take care of her sister's self inflicted cut, "You're my sister of course I care." Sandy was getting pissed and it showed when her sister hissed as the iodine hit the cut and Sandy didn't say anything, /I'm not going to yell. I'm not going to yell. If I yell then that'll bring the parents up and I don't want that./
Cathie studied her sister, "You're not going to tell them are you?"
Sandy didn't need to ask whom she meant by 'them', "No, I'm not going to tell mom or dad. Even though I should." She looked at Cathie, "Why are you doing this?"
Cathie looked away as Sandy put on a band-aid, "Stress relief."
Sandy looked at Cathie like she had just grown three heads and had grown balls on her forehead, "Stress-?" She bit her tongue, /Don't yell, don't yell, don't yell, don't yell!/ Taking a deep breath she asked through clinched teeth, "What stress?"
Cathie laughed, "Head of student council, strait A student, everyone expecting my to be perfect. What do you think Sandy?"
Sandy looked at her sister, "No one expects you to be perfect Cathie. You're human, humans make mistakes." She placed a hand on the band-aid, "I don't approve of this, and I never will. But I still love you and will support you no matter what." She looked at her sister with tear filled eyes, "Just next time, come talk to me first….Don't do this any more. You're too damn pretty to do this to yourself."
Cathie looked down at her sister, "Thanks, but there's nothing you can do." She smirked, "And I'm not that pretty."
Sandy gave her sister a look, "You want to bet on what I can and can't do for you?" She cocked her head, doe brown eyes dry and mischievous, "As for the pretty part, that's not what I hear from Rhea.
Cathie grabbed Sandy's wrist, "What about Rhea? What did he say?"
Sandy grinned at her sister. There were only five black families living in Taiean and Rhea's family was one of them. Sandy knew nearly all the town secrets, and what she didn't know Simon did. They both knew that Cathie really liked Rhea, who was intelligent and also the star basketball player, and that Rhea liked Cathie as well. "Well, what do you care right?" Sandy asked her twin.
Cathie snarled at Sandy, how well she knew that look, "What do you want?"
Sandy cocked her head to one side and looked like she was thinking, but in truth she had already made up her mind, "Go two weeks with out cutting. Come to me if you feel like do it, day or night. Understand?" Cathie glared, sighed but nodded in the end. Sandy smiled, "You do that and I'll tell you what he said." Without waiting she walked out of the bathroom and closed the door.

AN: Okay I'm fully aware that I touched on a touchy subject here, but it helps with the story. I also have three friends who cut, Sandy tells my views on the subject. Never having cut myself (and I don't intend to either, someone has to be stable) I don't understand people who do, but I have nothing against those who do. Just FYI.