::I was looking at a picture in one of my dad's biology books and I saw this picture of a black monkey in front of its predator, in the middle of nowhere, a.k.a. :Savannah/ desert.::

He was trapped, With nowhere to run. It wasn't energy that he lacked, That didn't matter under the blazing, scorching sun.

The cheetah was too powerful, He was too fast. The whole thing was so pitiful, The little monkey knew he wouldn't last.

It was all hopeless, There was nothing he could do. Trying to save himself would be useless, There was only one thing he could do.

It was "live forever or die trying." Trying was exactly what he was doing. Hoping for a miracle, because he was dying, For his precious, treasured life he was running.

Running, running-it was his only chance. What a helpless but brave little monkey he was.

::Kinda .I guess I had to write it down. Better face reality.'life ain't a piece of cake'::