A/N: I was just walking around my house and the first two lines of this song and the little smidgen of an idea just sort of sung themselves into my head so I voiced them and then put them into words. I wish I could put some music to this or an audio recording of my sad attempt to sing it. Oh well, put your own tune to it, just go with the rhythm of it and see how it feels. That's who this poetry is for - the reader. I'm a reader, you're a reader, so take from it what you will.

A Replacement for my Sanity

A replacement for my sanity
I look into your eyes
Pretending I see what I yearn for
Ignoring the clouds
Of doubt in my mind
I give myself to you

I pretend you hold the world in your hands
And if I stay close to you
You might share your warmth with me
As an unsatisfying replacement for my sanity

When you touch me
The world falls away
But I don't think
I should let go of it so quickly

Your words captivate me
Like no other sound on earth
But this glass that I've been looking through
Is far too thick to see the truth

How long have I been sheltered here?
Falling into you and forgetting me
If I don't catch my breath soon
My life will be spent in this replacement for my sanity

Don't look hurt
Don't clutch my hand
Don't plead with me -
You can't understand

I'm moving on
I'm getting up
I'm making my way through the crowd
Now my eyes can see with clarity
Never again will there be
A replacement for my sanity