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Chapter 4 Music of My Frozen Heart

"What's it like, Shuichi?" Himura asked as they walked along the sidewalk, heading towards Shuichi's home. Their cones had been finished just minutes before and Himura had seen that Shuichi was becoming slightly frightened by all the noise as the noon rush of people entered the ice cream parlor.

"What do you mean?" Shuichi cocked his head to the side in confusion.

"...being blind," Himura whispered, feeling wretched for bringing it up. He watched Shuichi's face for any signs of hurt but there was none. Instead, a radiant smile burst forth and it was all Himura could do to not hug Shuichi right then and there.

"I don't know. I don't really remember what it was like to see so I can't tell you the differences." Shuichi closed his eyes, leaning against Himura. "I know my other senses are sharper. I can smell people's emotions. If their scared, if their happy; each emotion emits a different scent. That's why I knew I could trust you. Your aura suggested honesty. It's pretty stupid to think this way but it's the truth. Right now; you're anxious, terrified, and happy."

Himura's eyes widened. He could sense that just from his smell alone? Himura was anxious because of his new feelings inside. He was terrified because he didn't know how Shuichi would react to those feelings and he was happy because he for once, was doing something for himself. "You're amazing Shuichi."

Himura was blessed with seeing a tiny blush spread across his friend's face. "You..you think so?" Shuichi felt his heart hammer violently against his diaphragm. Noone had ever called him amazing. Noone had ever been this nice to him but Amiboshi.

"I know so." Himura opened the main entrance to the Masaki mansion, leading Shuichi in one with a hand. Shuichi was trembling. Himura sighed. He would have to tell Shuichi about his attraction. He didn't like leaving the little brunette unsettled, even if it meant sacrificing the friendship they had built; albeit it was only two days, it was more than enough time for Himura to decide that he couldn't bear life without the gift that had been bestowed in his life. Himura used to believe that love at first sight was a load of bull. "Where's your room?"

"Up the stairs on the left and it's the fifth door on left side," Shuichi stilled his racing heart. Maybe Himura didn't mean anything un-platonically by what he said. Shuichi felt a rush of disappointment. He should have figured.

Himura locked the door behind them, in case Lei should enter upon without knocking. Shuichi sank onto his bed, head lowered towards the floor and hands cupped in his lap. Himura summoned his courage, about to make either the biggest mistake or the best decision in his whole life. He sat next to Shuichi. "Shuichi, I'm aware we haven't known each other long but we will. We'll get to know everything about each other. Shuichi, there's something you should know."

Shuichi's lower lip trembled. He would not cry, he couldn't. "Wh..what?" he whimpered but all traces of sorrow vanished when he felt a warm hand tilt his chin, forcing them to have eye contact. " ?"

"You can kick me out if you want to and ask me never speak to you again but if I dont tell you then I'm going to drive myself insane. Shuichi, I think you are the most beautiful person I've ever had the priviledge of knowing; both on the interior and exterior. You ARE amazing and I can't help that I'm attracted to you as more than a friend. I'm sorry."

Just as the hand went to pull away, Shuichi held on. "You..you aren't lieing..." A single tear rolled down his cheek, splashing against Himura's hand. Himura wiped the saline aside, smiling. "I just don't understand why. I'm confused that someone like you could ever see me as anything more than a friend. Especially with Lei being anti-homosexual. It doesn't make any sense."

"Does it have to?" Himura whispered, voice unable to produce anything above the feather-light tone.

"We've known each other for two days Himura. Are...are you sure you want me?"

"More than anything." He ghosted his fingers across the high cheekbones. "We dont have to do anything you dont want to. We can start out slow, if you'd like. You know, hugs and such. We'll do anything you want when you're ready."

Shuichi wryly smiled. "I am rather new to this. I guess I'm nervous." Shuichi shivered as those strong arms wrapped themselves around his frame, so close that he could hear Himura's heart beating erratically. He rested his head against Himura's chest, fingers kneading the material of Himura's shirt.

"That's alright." Himura smoothed the errant strands of chesnut brown with the copper highlights. He wound his fingers into the silken locks. "I'm nervous too."

"I know," Shuichi replied, relishing the warmth that spread through his body like wildfire, consuming him completely. He didn't want to quell the squall of flames and instead, he embraced them. Happiness. It was the only word Shuichi could use to apply to the emotions he felt inside of his soul.

"Have you ever been held like this?" Himura asked as Shuichi sighed contently.

"No, I haven't. Amiboshi did but...that hardly counts."

"It's so odd that people won't see past you're ailment."

"People aren't as nice as you."

Himura murmured something akin to an agreement. He tightened his hold on his angel, breathing in the scent that was Shuichi. He knew he could easily lose himself in the moment but Shuichi would have to know several things. "Shu-chan, you do realise that we have to keep this hidden until we're both of age, dont you?"

"Yes. It's only two years."

"Tenshi, my father is Koji Ukimura."

Shuichi gasped, startled at the name. Everyone knew that Koji Ukimura protested vehemently against homosexual rights, he slandered them viciously. Shuichi shook his head in utter shock. "That can't be!" he cried passionately, sniffling as an onslaught of depression hit him rapidly. He sobbed against the chest that was his haven for the moment, burrowing into the cloth.

"Ssh, Shuichi. It'll all be okay. Didn't I promise that?" Shuichi nodded, hiccuping, a little comforted by the soothing circles that Himura was rubbing against his lower back. "And I meant it. I will NEVER let him tear us apart."

"It doesn't matter..."

"What do you mean?"

Shuichi sighed. "Lei and Otousan are sending me to a school for the blind in Shinobi. It's not as if they'll listen to me if I plead not to go."

"Sweetheart, I won't let that happen. Alright? I'll tell my father that you're my friend and he'll talk to Lei about it and-"

"No! You don't understand! Lei wants me gone and by the gods, she'll have me out of here. She won't listen to your father."

"...Then let's run away. We can go to America or England or Canada. Anywhere!"

"We can't do that Himura. I wouldn't be able to do anything to help you. I'm blind. I can't get a normal job so I couldn't help you pay for anything. I'd just be refuse."

Himura kissed Himura's brow gently. "You will never be refuse. I have money in savings account. I think it's near 200,000 yen. That's about 150,000 dollars. We can start a life in America. New York would be a great place. We can get ourselves a tiny apartment, just enough for us to be comfortable. I can work somewhere. We can even go to an optomerist place and find out if they do laser eye surgery." Himura moved his lips to the tears streaking the beautiful face, kissing them aside. "Don't cry anymore Shuichi."

"You're willing to part with your life for me?"

"Yes. It sounds strange, doesnt it? We've known each other for such a short time but I've never felt this way about anyone Shuichi. Please, let me do this for us. It might take a week or so to get all the money and buy plane tickets but we'll do it."


"Honey, don't try and stop me. I'm sorry but I have to go home before Mother starts to question where I am. I'll come back later. I just have to check in, make my appearance at my mother's little tea party and leave."

"I'll be waiting..."

Himura leaned down, pressing his lips to Shuichi's in a chaste reminder that it was in fact real. That Shuichi was now his and would always be; he was going to make sure of it. Much to Himura's surprise but sheer delight, Shuichi returned the kiss with awkwardness. Shuichi blushed. "Ja ne, Shu- chan."

Shuichi giggled, curling himself into a ball. He touched his fingertips to his lips. He had just gotten and given his first kiss. Shuichi felt light- hearted. Himura liked him, alot. He liked him enough to give up his entire life. Shuichi knew he would do anything for Himura. Only time would tell...

* * *

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