A/\/ ~ This eh, excerpt, is something I had to write for school and my classmates liked it so I figured I'd put it up here not only for people to read it, but to learn how to use this site . . . so yea, r/r maybe?


Shoulders slumped, back arched, step staggered, Lee Hway ambled into the

deserted classroom. Slowly, dejectedly making her way to one of the empty seats, she

was the epitome of defeat. As if in slow motion, her dispirited body fell into the plastic

chair, creating somewhat of a shockwave that followed the legs of the desk until it's

unstable appendage rocked - the sound reverberating around the desolate area.

Gradually, small convulsions made their way through her small frame, until ultimately

lethal sobs racked her petite body and her wobbly seat. The no longer muffled sobs

resonated across the walls, only to be absorbed before their sound was heard elsewhere.

As her shoulders heaved, minute hands covered her tear-streaked visage. Slowly, one

miniscule drop of water trailed an already clear path, made of course by its many

siblings. Before it could fall off her smooth cheek, a trembling finger smeared its essence

across the span of the right side of her face, never to live again. The once energetic

sparkle in her eyes had dimmed into an almost undetectable flicker, making it seem as if

she carried the world on her shoulders. It appeared to have been an interminable period

of time before her weeping finally exhausted her. Before she fell into a troubled sleep,

however, her strained voice was able to murmur, "Why me?"