Hybrid of humanity

Humanise me

Take my hand

Help me breathe

Suck the fluid from my lungs

Hold my brittle hand

~ ~

See into my soul

Find something there

Something sane

Grab it, twist it, rip it out

Kill the serpent crushing it

Place it back with steady hands

Sew me up

~ ~

Smile when I eat

Frown when I

Get up

Rush to the mirror

Rush back to bed

Take another reluctant spoonful

~ ~

Change my sheets for me

Let me wipe my nose on your sleeve

Confiscate my razor blade

With a sigh and a kiss.

~ ~

Tell me I am beautiful

Pretend you aren't lying

Set traps for my serpent

Fool it at every corner.

Then, when it is time,

Lead me out of the labyrinth

And into the light

~ ~

A very practical poem about a totally impractical subject. Please R&R as this is another one I'm not really sure about.