Home of the Brave:

This is for you, grandpa...

Not a whole lot you can do

when life has turned against you.

Changing faces

Parting smiles

from a dying man's grandchild.

Exchanging laughs

telling stories

of a once young man's explorings.

So many great things to be said

about this man in his death bed.

People say that life is short,

but this man proves them wrong,

I never knew a man so strong.

For with his every step,

with his every breath,

he moves the world but for his death.

Always smiling and full of life.

Even through hardships

and times of strife

Last words

Final breaths

the rise and fall of an old man's chest.

America's the land of the free,

but this is the home of the brave.

As people grow more old,

it seems they get more bold.

Because when you're looking death right in the eye,

Sometimes all you can say is...


Author's Note: I wrote this poem as I sat by my grandpa's bed with my family awaiting the inevitable. My grandpa always used to say that there is no such word as can't. He was never one to give up. He lasted three days before he passed away this morning. Grandpa, you were a great and inspirational man. I'll miss you more than words can say...I love you.