Poetry House

No footprints blessed the path up to my house

Until you returned from your trip far away,

No soft breath broke the stillness of the air.

All curiosity was kept at bay.

Nobody's woken up to sit at the front window

Just watching the trees, for quite some time

Or chewed on the end of a dollar store pen

Trying to put reason in their rhyme.

Ave, ave, welcome home.

When was the last time you explored the unknown?

Now once again you'll realize why

Those who come here never die.

Don't leave now, the woods are on fire.

Close the curtains, draw the blinds.

You'll finish your battle with fear and anxiety

Trapped here, in this house, inside your mind.

Finish the last verse, and put the pen down

It's the same experience, so different every day.

You're leaving now with your bag of belongings

Though you can tell by my eyes I wish you'd stay.

Don't forget the amber sunset

Or any inspiration, new or old,

Like the footprints you leave walking up the hill,

Leaving my house far below.
*Note: "Ave", (pronounced ah-way, I think) is Latin for "hello."