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Carl was staring at the direction the girl was leaving. Finally even her shadow faded away in the darkness. Roar of engine from the distance confirmed her leaving. He sighed again and closed his tired of observation eyes. It seemed strange that someone who had been dead for so many years might feel tiredness. But that was a fact. The pitiful existence had exhausted him and he couldn't find the longed rest. The time had lost its meaning after the first decade of haunting that place. Every day and night Carl was begging this nightmare to be over but the next moment of pain was inevitable. Such little things as breathing were causing him so much suffering. He was supposed to forget the whole previous life and the strong senses he had. But the memories were too fresh in his mind.

The boy was still wondering if the idea to introduce to the girl he has been watching for so many nights was good. But he just couldn't stand the loneliness anymore. "And what if she finds out the truth about me? Would she be terrified? No, Demon is not that shallow, she would understand me. At least I hope so."

Carl remembered the first time he saw her. He had no idea how long it had been but it was a lovely spring night, probably in the beginning of April. Usually he was sitting at the alcove but tonight decided to walk around because the depression was torturing him. That's why she didn't notice him when she climbed up and appeared in front of his amazed look.

He had never seen someone like her even when he was alive. If he still could breath in normal way, his air would freeze in his chest. She looked simply gorgeous and something more. The air around her was saturated with the perfume of her personality: dark, sharp, burning and enchanting. Carl hadn't felt so strong emotions since that forbidden time he had no right to remember. For a moment he thought she might be the Goddess of Death who had decided finally to cut all the pain.

Alas, she was just one mysterious, but alive girl. Anyway, it didn't make her less worth for him. One look from these raven black eyes was making him forget everything, the world, the past, the fate, the betrayal and the punishment. Everything seemed just perfect. The authentic real happiness fulfilled him like oxygen.

But he wasn't brave enough to meet her. First, what if she doesn't see him? Despite the fact that was dead for so long Carl didn't know a lot about the ghosts, just because the people were visiting the graveyard very rarely, only by day when he was getting totally invisible, more transparent than the air. Even he couldn't see his own outlines. That was the most unreal time of his existence, it seemed like a dream. He loved thinking that all these years had been a bad nightmare and that would wake up in his bed. That he was safe and his father had never…

But it was just a moment of delusion. Carl knew the truth perfectly well although he wasn't allowed to think of it.

Something more, the thought of being pushed away was scaring him more than anything. It would be like hell if he scared her, if she never came back. He didn't want a lot of her, just to stay aside and observe her. It would be enough for his tormented soul.

Demon didn't disappoint him. She started coming here every night since then. Apart from the cases the weather was too cold and the wind too strong. Sometimes she was staying in the alcove and looked hypnotized by the view around. Carl couldn't understand that but after all he had been here longer before she had been born. The girl also loved exploring the graves and the close forest. He was following her in every movement. Frequently Demon was bringing a little black notebook in which she was writing furiously. The sound of her pen scratching the white paper was drowning everything else. She looked as a totally different person in these times as much as he could see her from the distance (at least his eyes hadn't lost their strength). At first her face was strenuous and angry and her hand was trembling. But then all negative feelings were fading away and a day dreaming smile appeared on her lips. She never smiled in real way but somehow unnoticeably. In most times it couldn't be seen because of her ironic and sarcastic expression.

Alas, he wasn't strong enough to take a look in her book. The only thing that was left for him was to listen. May be one night in the near future he would read her mind? That was so easy before…

And so, Carl Saint Devil was standing in the Raven Cries cemetery caught in the trap between two worlds. His restless soul was suffering and remained just a shadow of the person he had been. Once. Now he looked like a discolored photography and was realizing that the time can't come back. His powers, his abilities, his memories… They were just part of one so far, unreal and sweet past. He couldn't tell anyone because even the events from his Death were forbidden to remember. He couldn't find peace anywhere. He couldn't even cry his doomed faith.

And the only relieves of his wounds were the meetings with one strange girl that was reminding him how it feels to be alive.

Carl sat on the bench and buried face in his hands. Everything was getting so complicated but he was helpless to do anything.

Just to watch the same movie in his mind that was repeated every moment. The movie called "Betrayal". His life before that night.

Carl was born nearby the graveyard as he told Demon. In a wooden bungalow, that was located deep in the forest, quite away from the city. His first years were full of the intense beautiful green color. One of the best moments in his life. The weirdest was that he couldn't remember the azure sky, the outlines of the different trees and the white butterflies that were flying around as clear as this shade that often was visiting his dreams. The divine softness of the grass beneath him and the relaxing penetration in his thoughts if we could say someone might have shaped mind in such a tender age. But he was always thinking of something. Later Carl would realize that these sentences were not part of his own mind but other, foreign thoughts that were flying around like lost doves. He was turning into a moorage for mislaid parts of mind.

The first other human being the boy knew in his life was his father. Alister Saint Devil. His image was the clearest one in Carl's memories. Tall but skinny man with mysterious shady face. The fate had gifted him with disarming eyes that sometimes looked too clear to be natural green, especially when he was lighting the candles in his own temple and prepared the herbals for the next magical cure.

In spite of his looks he had got incredible inner and physical strength. Once his son had the chance to see how he strangled one enormous snake that had crept in the house just with one light touch. He had never graduated school but his sharp mind and intelligence made even the most educated teachers at Raven Cries look like insecure students. Alister didn't talk a lot but when he was doing that everyone was listening to him with intense attention. He was able to hypnotize with his magical voice even the people who couldn't stand him.

Carl didn't remember his mother. According Alister she had died during his birth. The boy didn't know a lot of people, especially relatives to that strange woman who had given him life. So, there was no choice but trusting that version. There were no signs from her anywhere at his home: no photos, personal possessions not even letters with her handwriting. Just a blank space.

When all the memories swam to the surface of his tortured awareness tears moistened his eyes but they couldn't shed. The pain was getting crueler with every single day. Why did it have to happen? He knew the answer perfectly well but his heart rejected it and refused to accept the severe truth.

As a little boy he used to adore every movement of his father. It was a blind, childish feeling that was growing with the years and was getting stronger. Carl dreamt that one day he himself would become the same. He had no idea what rebellion and longing for individuality is because that forest, that cabin, that sky, those birds and that man were all his world, everything else would seem hostile and foreign. As a totally different universe.

There was one moment by sundown when Alister was walking with proud, glorious steps to the terrace and stood there leant by the wood column. He was staring at the fireball that was lighting beautiful flames in his emerald eyes. Then he smiled in mysterious way against the orange shining. Carl stopped breathing from the view. It seemed like a meeting between the forces of Darkness and Light. The man looked like an Angel of Death with his long black hair, wax pale skin and imperceptible expression. Carl had never been into boys (or perhaps he had been but never got a chance to understand it because of the rare contact with people). In spite of this, his soul was fulfilling with strange anxiousness and inspiration by the idea to watch it. Alister had all the qualities his son was admiring: strength, stubbornness and ability to manage with every situation of life. That's what the perfect person should have been in his innocent eyes. In this period he started listening to his father's thoughts. The latter one had never realized that, at least in the first years. Carl himself was explaining that with the unbreakable connection between so close relatives.

Both of them had been so fooled.

The strong scents of herbals, aromatic grass and all "cures of the nature" always embraced the house. One of the back rooms on the bottom floor was turned into working place for his father. It represented something like and old temple because of all burning candles strange sculptures of mysterious divinities, ritual knifes and silver bowls. Apart from all this he kept there all equipment he needed for his main occupation.

One day Carl asked him what he was doing there. The latter one smiled and simply said: "Magic".

That was enough for the son who believed in every single word with the naivete of his age.

For the society of Raven Cries Alister Saint Devil was the local healer. At first sight everyone would say that it was an occupation doomed to fail because it is out of date. The contemporary medicine was developing and even in such stuck up place were living two doctors. The herbs and all this were left in one period of time that was slowly fading away. But Alister wasn't ordinary man and got his own ways of succeeding. One evening in the pub he had heard Dr. Collins telling about the illness of the widow Mrs. Dawn who had been living in the suburb of the town with her daughters. This afternoon he had examined her and didn't give her a lot of chance.

That was the perfect opportunity for him to gain some respect and the stranger fast learned where exactly was the house of the widow. Not longer than an hour later he was already talking with the poor woman who really looked on the verge of dying: pale, weak, her voice had turned into weak whispering. At first she looked at him suspiciously while he was describing the miraculous effect of the herbs. But she had no choice. The doctor had given her no hope and she had two child to take care of. Mrs. Dawn accepted and the very same night Alister started her treatment.

Everyone in the town would get heart attack when they saw her shopping in the local market a few days later. Some fellow-citizen had seen her for last time as ill and dying. But now she looked more alive and healthy than ever, even some previous defects were erased. When they asked her Angela Dawn had started speaking in praise of the Healer Alister Saint Devil. Since then, the man won the people's respect and the doctor's hate. They always tried to make him reveal his secrets. But even a stone wall would be more talkative. He remained mysterious and said: "The good master never reveal the niceties of his art". The men of the science were angry that this stranger without education and full of pretenses was taking away their clients and proclaimed him to be a pagan and charlatan.

That all had happened when Carl was one year old and their story begun.

In spite of his popularity among the people he didn't give up living as a recluse because he "wanted to be closer to the nature". His son hadn't seen other people before his seventh year when the father decided that the boy was old enough to help him. That was the first time he ran into community and it was a little scary for someone who had been solitary almost all his life. Raven Cries seemed enormous to him and everybody on the street looked like a creature from another planet. They passed by the local school carrying the herbs and everything else. It was easy to recognize Alister Saint Devil, but the boy beside him was unknown. That was the reason all children in the yard gathered and stared at him. He felt puzzled by all these looks and stared back at them with the same level of curiosity. Then Carl felt someone's heavy arm on his shoulder. It was his father. He was watching with severe seriousness.

'Never talk to these kids, do you hear me? You are too special to waste your time with such individuals."

The son didn't understand what were the things making him so special. Later he would realize that in a hidden part of his mind. But then he used to accept his gifts as something naturally. In spite of his hesitations and misunderstanding Carl carried out Alister's order and avoided speaking with the others. He was always polite and kind but never too sociable.

Sometimes though something strange was piercing his throat. One day two women at middle age whispered behind his back. "What a nice boy!" He turned back carefully and secretly looked at their faces. Carl wondered if his own mother would be like them.

At the age of eleven he dared to ask Alister for something more about that woman. But the only answer he got was sharp and discouraging. "She died when you were very young." That was all. No name, no face, no memories. It seemed she had never existed.

He soon forgot about this. His father decided that Carl needs more special education and brought home one cousin of his. At least he was saying that. Firstly the boy felt quite embarrassed and a little scared because he had lived all his life only with Alister. The presence of a woman at the house was making him feel nervous. Something worse, his future private teacher, Lily Gale, was bringing her daughter Betty.

After all, he had no choice but to accept the facts. May be it wouldn't be so bad and it was for his own good. But this invasion of strangers at home was bothering him a lot. Who knows what they would be like?

All his doubts and negative feelings towards this change melted away when he met his unknown relative. She was one of the nicest people he had ever known. Carl remembered the moment he opened the door and saw that amazing woman at his doorstep. Lily wasn't very young. Actually she was about thirty three and looked quite short and slim. But that wasn't dimming her gasping emanation. Her raven black hair was running down her marble pale skin and stopped by her slender waist. The beautiful blue eyes were full of wise, good nature and some kind of fire. Most people at Raven Cries wouldn't like it. Alister had told him she had been chased away from the town she used to live. It was all because of fake accuse of witchcraft.

Her long violet dress seemed as if it was whispering an old song. It had scent of mint and aromatic grasses. When she saw his confused and shocked face Lily simply smiled with her special smile and asked him if she might come in.

Betty Gale could only push him away with her appearance and personality. No, she wasn't ugly at all. In fact the girl looked very beautiful. But her beauty was full of arrogance and rudeness. She was strawberry blond and had exquisite features but they couldn't melt the ice and loftiness in her diamond blue eyes. Betty was acting like a queen in all the five years she was living at his home. She was trying to be polite with Carl but it was obvious she couldn't stand him.

His first impressions on Lily weren't wrong. The woman turned out to be brilliant teacher and not only this. She became his best friend. He grew to love her even more than Alister. For first time in his life he felt what it's like to have mother. They were talking of everything, even the things he was too ashamed to confess with his authoritative father. She turned into the person who was able to understand what his mood was even when he pretended perfectly. And when Carl was telling his secrets he felt a great relief in his soul. That was also giving him hopes for the uneasy future. There were some things about him, that were puzzling him and he could no longer hide them. At the age of 14 his gifts and abilities became clear for everyone. But he didn't suspect how much pain they'll bring him.

It all started with the crows. For some day enormous flight of big black birds was darkening the sky above their cabin. They were stubborn and no matter how hard the people were trying to chase them away they kept on circling and didn't rest even in the night. Their strange movements were scaring Carl. He asked Alister what they were going to do about that.

"Are they giving you harm or anything like that? Are they threatening your life?"

"No, but… I don't like them. I've got bad feeling of these crows."

"Please, son, don't act like a baby! They are living creatures, remember? Never attack something born by the nature. It all will come back to you."

"But… You told me I have to trust my intuition. That it can save my life. And now I really…"

"Carl, your intuition is still too young and you need to work on it a lot. Don't worry, soon or late they'll get tired and will move somewhere else. It will be all right."

But it wasn't. The boy remained anxious and restless. It was so easy for someone to say that but it couldn't help not to notice the signals his inner voices were sending him. Something was going to happen… something bad. Something that would change his life forever.

It was indeed stupid to worry for nothing. These were just birds, not demons, for God's sake! Sinister and a little horrifying but that didn't make them dangerous. Carl tried hard to stay away from the thought of them.

Until one morning when he woke up early and got out because he couldn't keep his eyes closed. A gasp of joy fulfilled his chest when he saw no signs of the nock at the brand blue sky. They were gone! After all Dad turned out to be right and the teenager only got nervous in vain.

"I really have to work on my intuition. Probably he will help me. May be I need to talk to him all about the thoughts hearing. It is some sort of family feature and needs to be trained too."

Suddenly Carl felt strong push in his back and in the next moment he was laying on the ground totally confused of what was going on. A storm of black stripes was shooting around him as if he was in the nightmarish land. The next thing he realized was the sharp pain that was coming from all sides. Sharp nails and beaks were digging inside his flesh and were tearing him to the point of bleeding. The boy screamed loudly and put hands in front of his face trying to protect his eyes. These were the crows! They were attacking him. The hellish birds were too many and he couldn't handle them. Damn, what was going on? They were so violent…

"Help!" He could barely whisper through the mass of plumage. Every bit of him was bleeding and none was coming to help. The biggest of the crows picked his fingers cruelly and Carl didn't have choice but to remove them. The pain was too strong. The bird stood on his face and it seemed as if it was staring at him with its shining as onyx eyes. There were despise and victory in them. That look woke up a part in Carl's mind. He couldn't control the pang of anger that made his blood tingle. An overwhelming energy ran through his veins and he straightened with double force sweeping away the bunch of black bodies. "Bad birds! Very bad! They hurt me! The bad birds deserve to die." Carl yelled as an animal and for a moment his eyes flashed into yellow light. The boy rose his hands and in the next moment the crows, that got freeze of that unexpected power started falling on the ground. For a minute the field in front of the house fulfilled with corpses. When that minute was gone the frenetic force left him and he fainted completely exhausted. His body was touching the dead birds but he couldn't even move his hand.

The next thing he heard was the sound of his father's voice.

"Carl, Carl, wake up! Now!"

The son barely opened his eyes and the figure of Alister shaped in front of his view. The man was holding his shoulders and was shaking him. The boy's voice sounded different when he tried to talk.

"D… dad…"

"What happened? Tell me now! What did you do!"

"I… I don't know… They just attacked me… I tried to protect m… myself… I don't know how it all happened. Dad, I feel sick…"

"You have killed them?! All of them?!"

Carl couldn't understand why his father didn't bring him home instead of questioning him in here.

"I think I did…"

"Carl, how could you do that! Even I can't do such thing! How did it happen?"

"Oh, please, I'm sorry, don't get mad at me. I just wanted them to leave me alone. Dad, have I done something wrong? I'm sorry, I couldn't handle it and they… they…" He was sobbing, he was terrified and Alister's behavior didn't help him a lot.

"Shh, relax, relax. It will be all right." The man hugged his son and tried to help him get out of the hysterics. But there was something else on his mind. And Carl could hear that clear enough.

"Who had chosen me? Dad, what is going on?"

The man got paler when he heard these words. For first time in his life the boy was seeing that man scared. That must have been something really bad then. Carl felt how the panic was overwhelming him."

"You… you can hear what I'm thinking of?"

"Yes, sure. I have always could do that… I thought you know that."

"Oh, God, what had happened?" The female voice crossed their conversation. Lily was standing at the door and was staring at them with horror in her eyes. "Carl, dear, are you OK?"

"He is very shocked, that's all." Alister helped the boy to stand up and slowly took him to the cabin. "Take him inside, Lily, and made him a cup of your tea. I'll take care of his wounds later. They are not serious, anyway."

"But…" the woman stammered unable to understand it. "But… Alister… what…?"

"Just do that!" The man hissed and walked away when he placed Carl in her arms.

He kept his promise and turned out to be right about the boy's wounds. They were just flesh and with the help of some of his magical herbs would recover very soon. More serious was Carl's status of mind. He had been through great shock. To be attacked in the most unexpected way and to kill so many birds just with a touch and a yell was pretty terrifying. It could be enough for one ordinary man to get crazy for the rest of his life. But Carl wasn't ordinary and everyone knew he would get over that experience. Anyway, he was pretty shaken.

Alister bandaged all the hurt places and then went out of the cabin. He called Lily and Betty to help him and they built enormous funeral pile from the dead birds. When they finished it they felt exhausted and the pyre was almost reaching the top of the trees. The man kindled it and in the next moments the fresh and sweet air fulfilled with deep and suffocating smoke and scent of burning flesh. A massive cloud started thickening upon the forest. The women ran away to the house. Even Carl who was laying in his bed got up and stared for a long time at the remains of his first murder. His eyes moistened and he bit his lips to blood. He didn't know what was going on and was sure that his life would change in negative side.

And it happened. On the same evening his father said he would be away for few days because of an urgent appointment. Carl was sure the man was leaving them forever and cried all night. He thought he had done something so wrong that had made Alister hates and despises him. His calm life was broken down and it was all his fault.

The teenager confessed all about that to Lily and she did anything to persuade him that it was not true and he shouldn't blame himself for something that doesn't depend on him. She told him about her gift of prophecy and told him that the gifts are something normal for their kin. But there was no point. A sense of guilt was stuck up in his heart and it didn't fade away in the next few days and nights.

Then Alister came home and that eased all his sufferings. May be not everything was lost. The most important was that the man wasn't looking at him with fear and anger as the last time. For some times he stopped thinking about the accident. The boy locked it in the closet of his mind and kept it there until the next one.

It happened a few months after the accident. The summer, its unbearable heat in the day and sweet scent in the night were gone long time ago. The winter was whistling its song of ice with the melody of the furious winds. This year the season was extremely cold, especially in the place they were living. Some of his regular clients were worried about Alister's survival through that harsh time. In vain because no matter how cold it was the cabin seemed to be able to keep the warmth in inexplicable way. But all inhabitants were staying by the fireplace in the evening. The atmosphere was too romantic to be missed.

That's the way it was then. Carl sitting on the floor with folded legs and was staring at the flames. The fire had irresistible power over him and he rarely looked away. When it happened he couldn't miss the movement under the table Alister was sitting at. Betty was reaching her hand and was holding his out of her mother's sight. The man didn't mind at all. Something more, he enjoyed her touch and was throwing mysterious smiles at the teenager girl. That was when Carl really started wondering if there was something between them. With every single day Betty was getting more and more beautiful. She was already fifteen and was turning into woman. And Alister who was the only man close to her for the last years was still as astonishing as in the days of his youth. Probably she had a serious crush over him. Carl had never noticed him to be interested in other women. So far he thought it was because he was still mourning over his wife and may be that was the reason he refused to talk about her. But now he wasn't so sure. "But why her? She can be his daughter and… aren't we relatives. If Lily is his cousin, then Betty has to be…"

In the next moment all these thoughts and worries were erased from his mind because the voices rushed sharply in it. It had happened before to hear talking in his head. Conversations between absolute strange people weren't something that unusual. Often they were quite pale and he didn't pay them attention. But tonight it was different. Loud screams of men, women and children tore apart his whole being. His skin felt like burning but the worst were these voices. Voices of despair and doom… he sensed the Death in them. They fulfilled every cell of his brain and he couldn't remove them.

"Help! Mum, don't leave me! Mum … help… mum…"

The pain cut him as a knife and then the boy fell on the floor holding his ears. He was screaming to deafen the sound of nightmare running through his veins. In vain. They were getting stronger… he couldn't escape them. His fragile body was shaking in terrible convulsions. Carl had no longer control over it. He had stepped over beyond the sense and reality and had completely lost in surrealistic worlds of curved images, fire, blood, black smoke and sounds…

Have you ever heard the music of the Death? Have you ever been haunted by the horrible harmony of its melody?

This was the second worse night in his life. The voices and faces of his relatives were faring and fading away. He didn't feel their presence anymore and soon nothing could keep him from the cruel ache. It would never be the same again. Someone who had passed through such hell of human despair and pain can't remove the scars left in his soul. He was reaching hands to stop this madness but it wouldn't help anyone. Who was he after all? He even wasn't there in the reality? He was the dumb witness of the tragedy, the listener… His fate was to watch it… watch it…

Part of him died in that night. Yes, when he woke up next morning nothing was left from the fever. He was dizzy but physically everything was fine with the boy. An hour after his lucky return Alister talked to him for very long time. Carl told him all about the horrible scene… The fire, the burnt people and their last screams… the last scream of a child left by his mother in the hell. While he was telling the story the fear that he himself might be abandoned fulfilled him. "What if there's something really wrong with me and he hasn't realized that when I killed the crows? What if…"

His father did anything to calm him down and explained him that this is because of his special gift. Nothing in the man's look showed his worries but Carl was seeing that in his mind. "Why the hell do I need these gifts? They only cause me troubles." He thought with growing anger. The boy felt as if he was cursed.

A week later when the worst of the storm was over Alister went to the town and came back with the new that there was really a conflagration in a near village. Everything was burnt and most of the population had perished in the flames. None knows what had caused the fire.

Of course, sometimes he did good things. His hands were able not only to destroy and that was making some sense in his life. Once he pressed his hand to the forehead one of his father's clients to check if it is hot… and the person suddenly got better. Even Alister's abilities weren't that strong.

These moments were the only ones he felt alive…

The most ironic was that Carl, the only person able to break through Alister's mind didn't realize the change of his attitude and intentions to his son.

It was the night he was getting sixteen. Carl felt grown up and full of strength when he woke up early in the morning. In his point of view then sixteen was such serious age and nothing could darken his mood. He looked shining as the sun itself. The day was special and he was planning to remember it all his life. How could he suspect it was the last day in it?

That day Alister sent him to the town on his own to see one patient. "You are already man, aren't you? You've been coming with me enough times to know what to do… You can stay a bit longer if you want."

How could he be so blind?

Carl decided that probably his father was planning some surprise and stayed quite longer. If he had only come home one hour earlier… But he hasn't been downtown for long time and all this life of a recluse sometime was getting on his nerves and he needed a bit of socializing.

When he arrived at the cabin Alister was waiting for him sitting by the table. The mysterious smile wasn't leaving his lips.

"Happy birthday, son!"

He was too surprised and just stood waiting for his father to go on. Obviously he had got a lot more to tell him.

"I've got a special surprise for you."

"Oh, really?" His voice sounded cheerful and careless. "I love surprises."

"You are going to adore this one. This is a new start in our life. From this day on your fate is going to change, Carl." He got up and touched his shoulder. "I'm proud with you…"

His eyes started welling and he found out he was too excited to talk. The thrill was strangling him and he couldn't wait to see what Alister was talking about. The man led him to the little temple as if he was a puppet. In that minute Carl was completely under his control. So far he couldn't realize how he was able to lie him that way. The son got much more skills of the father. Probably it was caused by his lack of experience or who knows. Not that he cared anymore.

Alister showed him weird black clothes and some sort of cloak.

"They are adorable, Dad…" He whispered with the excitement of a child getting a new toy.

"Get dressed now. We are getting out… The night is so beautiful…"

His last words sounded dizzy and distant. But Carl did as he was told and soon his simple clothes were changed and he looked as the Prince of Darkness… When he finished dressing Alister bandaged his eyes with silk cloth. Carl giggled… It all seemed as a game.

But the more they were making their way to the graveyard the more worried he was getting. His intuition was warning him to be careful. But the magic was so strong…

Just when they were at the ground of his future death the boy felt urge to fight… But it was too late.

Carl shook his head fiercely walking away from this memory. He was banned from evoking it. And if he had to be honest that was the way he wanted it to be. The scene of his death wasn't the best thing to think about.

He sighed as the first rays of sunshine touched his skin and his outlines started fading away. Before he fell in the weird dream-like state he thought of the strange girl he talked to just twenty minutes ago.

"Please, Demon, come back tonight… I need you. Come back because I feel as if I'm dying one more time. Come back, Demon."