I was sitting at home doing homework.I think. The phone it was Justine I was eager to pick up the phone. You know how secretaries are always so cheerful? Well, this guy probably threw away any doubts of having the wrong number and he began to talk right away.
"Is this the disability center?"

WHAT?! Oh NO! Not . This happens a my number close to a different one? One of know.*clears throat*.mental institute?!

"No, I think you have the wrong number, sorry."

I was about to put down the phone when he decides to be stubborn and goes on.

"No, No, I have the right can you connect me to extension number _"

"I'm don't have extensions AND this ISN"T the disability center."

My patience was wearing down slowly, little at a time.

"I'd like to reach extension number _"

"You have the wrong number I tell ya."

"No I don't, this is _ _ _-_ _ _ _"

He was off anyway.

"It's wrong see? This is _ _ _ - _ _ _ _"

"What?! Are you telling me I'm dumb?"

By now I'm thinkin', "Considering that you're looking for a mental "

My reply was, "Why don't you hang up and try again." (I'm still calm right now)

"Alright then, some secretary YOU are."

Yeah I know, cus I'm NOT one.


A couple seconds later the phone rings AGAIN. And guess what, yeah, it was him again.

"Is this the Ontario Disability Center?"

"No, you have the wrong number, again."

"No, I don' connect me to."

Oh good lord. How long can I take this?

Apparently not long because I hung that's the end of this true with the next! (This time it's about Justine my best bud.a different Justine)

Justine was at her mom's house at that time. The phone was being used, by her, Justine. Justine was talking to one of her friends, don't remember who. A few minutes later the connection was interrupted by some ! (So annoying) The guy/girl goes, "Would you like to buy."

He/she was cut off with a "NO! I don't want to buy anything from !" (She was upset because her previous convo was intruded upon)

The phone rings.

"That was very rude of you know, shame on you-would you like to buy this."

"He/she wasn't able to finish-


The phone rings again.

"We can sue you for this you know." The person goes on .

"NO! I don't frickin' care!" on and on she goes, swearing mildly and she was gonna start to cry.

She hangs up and then the phone rings AGAIN! Don't these telemarketers have any manners? Sure they're doing their job but really.a line really should be drawn somewhere. Justine is sobbing by now so her mom picks up the the 1st word or so she, I think, just hangs maybe she told the person mind is blank !
::Credit for this story goes to 'potato' a.k.a Justine P.::