Have you ever done some critical self soul-searching?
Wondering who you are and what are you purposes?
Things passing you by even before you've even got a chance for blinking,
You want to know what's ahead of you, the courses.
It's perfectly typical,
Thinking you're not good enough.
All this is just normal.
You just wanna know "your stuff."
You are just confused and frusterated,'wondering about your good qualities.
Maybe you're convinced there aren't any,
Cus you're sure you've got too many idiosyncrasies.
Likely you think yourself to be a hopeless case,
Never seeming to be able to act normal, like yourself.
Building up on your faults, which acts as a base.
Always putting yourself down.
You have no clue why it's going on -
But then again-who really does?
You gotta make the best of it and move on,
There's not much else you can possibly do.
You should know, you're not alone.
Even though when difficulties come you'll groan.
We've all "been there, done that", more or less.
What people really go through, we can't begin to even guess.
There's probably a reason for everything,
But of course we wouldn't be able to see it.
We obviously can't see the whole 'picture'
But there is One who can-so there is hope even though you can't see it.