As a child you had less cares and problems,
When there was one you'd usually just get someone to solve 'em.
Now that you're older those times seem old,
At the present you don't feel as 'bold'.
You may look bold on the outside,
But take a little peek at the inside.
You now make more choices and decisions,
You find out that your parents aren't really up to precision.
Suddenly you see their faults as well,
You now feel unstable.
Whether it's true or not you can't exactly tell.
Acting upon a possible 'solution', you're not sure if you're able.
Is it right or is it wrong,
The time spent on contemplating just seems so long.
You're pretty sure your parents are wiser,

But maybe, just maybe they're wrong.
It makes life so much harder,
It's easier to want an easier solution,
Things are more confusing,
Though you still look up to your parents as a daughter or son.
They may still want to help you out-
But, still you are unsure.

You might want their help but there are now doubts,
Unfortunately, for this problem there isn't a cure.
Though you're not really all alone-
There are family and friends to help out.
They'll be there to help pick out a possible 'route',
We should keep a broad mind and think clearly.
Decisions are really ours-
That's one advantage.
Thinking about life will of course take up many hours,
But It'll be worth it all.
Don't just rush into things quickly.
Take your time.
Life is too precious to be wasted.
Just walk through life it one step at a time.
::It does seem very serious but that's my personal view on things-hope you liked review ::smiles it turns out I've met people that dunno 's the 'go' button on the see it?. next time!::


::P.S. If you feel as if you don't have any up!.I'm sure there's someone out there who will be very willing to be kind to you.!::