Even everyday life can be made you're willing to see it and are in a good mood. One evening Justine's family was just having a typical family evening-what else? The phone 's dad picks up the phone. I'm not sure what the caller said but Justine's dad didn't like the sound of it all in general.

Later in the night while the family was fast asleep the doorbell rings. Thinking it was a criminal or some bad person or something like that, Justine's dad gets up and, clutching a wooden baseball bat, walks quietly to the front read to swing the bat. He opens the surprise, surprise. was definitely not a it turned out the guy was a family friend. You can probably imagine the man's shock at seeing Justine's dad with a baseball bat.*grins*.

::Like the other story the credit all goes to Justiney Beany, my best friend in the whole world::