The Unseen by Dance Monkey Dance

Summary: A young blind man's thoughts on his lover.

She is here. I can feel her. I can smell her. I can taste her. I can hear her. Yet, I cannot see her. I can feel her graceful movements and I can smell her fragrant hair and I can taste her precious breath and I can hear her sweet whispers, but I cannot see her face. However, I do not have to see to know she is beautiful. I can sense her radiance when she takes my hand or wraps her arms around me. I can feel her beauty in the way she talks, laughs and cries. Many times, I find myself alone, hoping that if I reach out I will feel her there with me. My unseen angel.

I cannot understand what she saw in me. At first, I thought she felt sorry for me and disregarded her and her attempts to make me smile. The thought that she might have been falling in love with me never crossed my mind. Probably because it seemed so unreal that any woman would take any interest in me. I remember the exact moment when I realized that I, too, was falling in love. "You have such beautiful eyes." She sighed, almost sounding amazed. I shook my head and snorted, "I wish I could see them." She laughed and I felt my heart skip a beat. "Can you just take my word for it?" I can now. I am sure, in my heart of hearts, that my unseen angel was telling me the truth.

With her, I feel like I can see. I feel like I can conquer the world without needing someone to hold my arm and guide me around like a child. She makes me feel strong and brave, not like a cripple. She makes me feel like I can watch the sun rise or witness a rainstorm or understand what the colors mean know what she looks like when she smiles. As far as I am concerned, I am not blind anymore, as long as my unseen angel is with me.

She is here. I can feel her warm and loving arms as I reach out to touch them. I can smell her subtle perfume that reminds me of vanilla. I can taste her soft lips on mine. I can taste her soft lips on mine. I can hear her as she tells me that she loves me. She is with me once again. I am seeing the Unseen.


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