Angel's War

© Lexa 03/02

When the setting sun glows crimson

And wolfs are howling in the far

And a strange cold wind is blowing

You can see the angel's war

Arch enemies of life and death

God's warrior and devil's knight

Hate each other from birth on

Opponents, destined for fight

Willing to die for their lords

It doesn't matter if they stay alive

Their deaths will be forgotten

None of them will survive

And the sun rises and sets again

Over battlefields soaked with blood

And the enemies still wrestle each other

Everyone with all power he's got

Fighting with weapons of heaven and hell

Sword of light and demons spear

Good and evil collide with all their strength

Never showing mercy or fear

Crimson dripping from black, sharp claws

White wings scarlet stained

A battle cry, a scream, than silence

And falling, a bloody rain

These started eternal times ago

More and more fighters are sent

And will fight in future, too-

The angel's war will never end.

Written during a boring English lesson.. hey, it's English after all ^.~