Created (how was it supposed to be otherwise) in physics class. Named after my story "Soul of Ice" for the content seemed fitting. Don't know how I got the idea for this poem, simply wrote it and later discovered the connection to the story. *shrugs* Artist's freedom ^^

Soul of Ice*

© Lexa 01/03

Frozen princess

Caught in the snow

In a cocoon of ice

Bound by a vow

Never to love

Never to hate

Never to fight

Against her fate

All around her

Ice-blue light

Fading gray

And frozen white

Keeping away

All warmth, all heat

Beneath her cold chest

A fading heart's beat

Her soul's protected

By a wall so cold

What good does it do

Her eyes dead and old…

Snowflakes dancing around her

Brushing against her face

Her skin like frozen porcelain

Like ice-blue glass her gaze

Frozen princess in the snow

Who will melt the icy shell

Who will warm her cold numb heart

Free her from the frozen hell