Created again during a physics lesson (does anybody wonder why I never understand anything in physics class?!)

Inspired by the manga "Seimaden", or more exactly, by the relationship between Zadei and Titius. But only inspired, it's no fan poem… Anyway, li'l disclaimer: the quote "your beauty, my obsession" is taken from the Malice Mizer song "Color me blood red". Normally, I don't use quotes, but in this case I couldn't help, it was so fitting…! ^^

Beloved Madness

© Lexa 12/02

A room full of people

But I only see you

When I watch you moving

I don't know what to do

Your beauty leaves me shaken

So badly I want to touch

Your white and fragile body

The temptation is almost too much

My devil with aureole

My angel with eyes of ice

I wanna possess your body

No matter what's the price

I wanna have you completely

Body, soul and mind

You've caught my attention

For anything else I'm blind.

Make your voice surface in screams

It would sound like when angels sing

Watching you sweet blood flowing

Tasting you creamy white skin

Come to me, my beauty

Forever you'll be mine

Never going to leave again

It will just be fine

I have caught my angel

Within a cage of gold

You're beauty, my obsession

My angel with eyes so cold