]~Le Ciel~

© Lexa 11/02

Wider, wider, spread your wings

Take off into the sky

Cooler, cooler, the winds kiss your face

Need only dreams to fly

Higher, higher above the clouds

Catching you if you fall

Farther, farther away from earth

Follow the endless sky's call

Closer, closer, to the burning sun

Her warmth embracing you

Careful, careful, don't get too high

'cause you will burn if you do

Faster, faster, fly with the wind

Catch up the soaring bird

None, none has been here before

Free from the low earth's dirt

Deeper, deeper beneath your eye

There's a world caught in fear and gore

Smaller, smaller the land down is getting

It doesn't matter anymore

Darker, darker, the night has come

The sun disappeared in the west

Brighter, brighter, follow the light

And never come to rest

A cloudy, depressing day… a boring physic's lesson… that's everything I needed to get inspired for this poem… the title is takem from my favourite J-Rock song by Malice Mizer (d/l it, it's sooo beautiful!)