Dark Night of the Soul

© Lexa08/02

Above in the sky the red moon rises

His light tonight crimson and bloody

Glittering so strangely in your eyes

Flowing seductively over your body

He's shining deeply into your soul

Where your own demons dwell

Calling, beckoning, torturing you

Drawing you down to hell

Then suddenly a strange light feeling

In your heart there's no more fear

For it's dark like the gloom around you

Down your face rolls a bloody tear

The gloom promises everything

Anything you want to gain

But does it matter anymore?

It's driving you insane

No need to see or to think anymore

Everything's fury and ravage

No need to resist insanity's calling

You don't want to see it's savage

Giving everything you have-

Innocence, dreams and soul-

Receiving your heart's desire

Reaching you biggest goal

Do what you want

No need to ponder

Nothing's forbidden

Why do you wonder?

The nightmare ended

The morning dawned

For one night of madness

You soul was pawned.

Written at night, while the moon was a strange shade of red… it's called "blood moon" and caused by dust in the atmosphere, I think. In some areas at special times the moon is supposed to be deep crimson… I'd like to see this…