Fallen Angel's Song

© Lexa 12/02

Child of the devil, they call me

Hunting shadow, they see me

Ruthless killer, they fear me

Heartless monster, they think me

Maybe I am

But long time ago

I was different

Not hiding in the dark

But looking for the sun

Not causing fright

But a gentle smile

Time changed everything…

Angel who fell from heaven

Down to the fires of hell

How long must I dwell here?

Who will save me from myself?

Is it you I was waiting for?

Touch my cold hand

Hold my shaking frame close

Melt the ice around my heart

Kiss the darkness from my soul

I'm a fallen angel

Will your love make me rise again?

Written from the POV of one of my OC's, Silene Hiney. I always wanted to write something about her and had to idea to this poem running around in my head for some time… so once upon a time during a _really_ interesting physic's class I just wrote it… electricity seems to be very inspiring… ^^""