I would look up at the sky and the stars

Dream you were Venus, dream you were mars

Dream you were love, dream you were war

Dream that physics wasn't the law

And that maybe someday you would transcend time

Climb through my window pretend you were mine

Pretend you were happy and that we were free

Alone with the sky and the stars and the sea

Alone with the sands and the waves that crash

Singing dust to dust and ash to ash

Singing dream to dream and lie to lie

Drowning to water and thunder to sky

For physics is the law that always will reign

And even though my hurt may wane

Yours is shining bright and true

In a sea of tears, a sea of blue

A sea of blood, a sea of scars

A sea of love, a sea of stars

So leave me with my sky and my stars

Leave me to dream of Venus and Mars

Leave me to dream of love and war

To dream that physics-

What am I saying. you're already gone.