Too hot to breathe

Will you breathe for me?

Smile and look over at me

Teeth shining in the half-dark

You must brush twice a day

To get teeth like that

Teeth that burst into the half-dark

I use their light to look at your face

Your pretty-perfect face

Would you recoil if I licked it?

Thin body recoiling away from me

Thinner than me I say laugh-laugh oh so funny

Side effect of not eating you say.

Not so funny now is it

Always thinner than me with a thin waist

Thin hips and bones everywhere

More bones than me

More life than me

Maybe just one lick

Insanity in mid-summer

Maybe-maybe you could love me too

Just one lick to turn. me.

Into a princess maybe

Perfect like you

My best friend

He that sits in the half-dark and smiles

And looks at me from under lash-curtains

Hides his face behind long damp hair

And laughs at his little best friend

Heat must be getting to you sweetie

Yes. Must be the hot-heat. Must be that.

Go inside now. Fan around here somewhere last time I checked.