The All-Seeing Eye
Brent Barron

Leaves of white,
Tossed leisurely to and fro.
A ride begun,
On blackened roads, laced with snow.
Life outside reality,
A place as limitless as the sky,
Where everyone's beneath
The scrutiny of an all-seeing eye.
A trap is sprung,
The door behind shut tight,
The one way out
Waits at the end of your flight.
Here you sit,
Physical and mental self torn apart;
Safe at home,
Yet through unending perils you dart.
It is a marriage,
Reality strolling hand-in-hand with fiction.
You find the lines blurred,
Paralyzed by such intoxicating diction!
What the Dickens!
Another Wilde journey complete.
The chores neglected-
You'll be Hemmingway into the night!