The Lost Friend

When we were young we made a pact,
To always be around to watch each other's back,
To offer a comment that would bring around a smile,
Or just be there, to listen for awhile,
We were like peas in a pod, Forever best friends,
When did it fall apart,
When did it end?

As you gained more friends there grew a tiny gap,
But as it widened, my horizon turned black,
We each had our issues, yours good, mine bad,
What happened to the support we once had?

We slowly grew apart, we gradually turned our backs,
I became the friend that fell through the cracks.
You have a lover and plenty of friends,
I'm stuck in a dark tunnelthat doesn't end.

My world is unsettled, my prospect is dim,
Your to busy to help me, you'd rather be with HIM.
You've got friends by the plenty, and could hardly miss one,
Besides, listening to someone depressed is no fun.

So here I sit, in a hole by myself,
I am the friend pushed up on the shelf.
Sure we still speak, It's not like we fight,
But I'm certainly not who you think of at night.

Could you really miss the friend to whom you turned your back?
Who cares about that friend that fell through the crack?