You're screaming at me

You're proving my flaws

You bitch can't you see

All the pain that you've caused

...To me...
I believe you now

I've never doubted

I don't see how

This all came about
I need to be stopped

For I'm simply pain

Just a fucking flaw

In your minding game
Kill me now

There's no way out

Come on now..


...just scream...
Yell at me for the pain to leave

It'll go..just try

I've been locked away in life's binding weave

So tight...I'd rather die.. kill me..
You deserve to

For all the pain I have caused

All the hurt I will

Now those years stay lost
But take me back

Don't let me fall

I want only you

And that is all

.Nobody else.
But you raise the knife

I'm a nervous wreck

You stared at me slowly

Before slashing my neck
I look up at you now

From my burrow in hell

They seek your soul

And I'm ready to tell

..they want to know...