Experiences in my Subconscious II

This story is based on another eerie dream of mine.

"The War"

I was in front of a VERY long line of people.

We all looked scraggly and tired. We were dressed in rags. All of us had weapons which looked old and rusty.

Some had swords, some had spears, and others, like me, had rusty old daggers.

We were moving towards a tunnel.

I don't know why.

Then I heard marching in the distance.

"They're coming!" One of my scraggly comrades said.

"Who?" I asked.

"THEM! Run for it!" Another scraggly teammate said.

I still had no idea who we were actually running from, but I still ran along with them.

I wasn't in front of the line anymore, since my teammates were running as fast as they could towards the tunnel.

We were finally inside the tunnel.

It was cold, dark, and damp inside, and it was really scary.

All of us had our backs against the wall.

"Get ready. They're here!" The person beside me said.

"Who are 'they'?" I asked.

My comrade did not answer.

I saw that almost everyone was shaking with fear.

There was suddenly a bright light coming from the left entrance of the tunnel.

A person was coming in. No. It wasn't a normal person. More like a giant. Its skin was green, it had bulging eyes, and it gave off an ugly stench. Two razor sharp fangs protruded from its fangs. It looked like an ogre.

The creature was huge, and it was carrying a torch and looking around.

"Hehe." the creature said.

Many other creatures appeared from behind it, and they were much larger.

The largest came forward and said, "Weaklings! None of you even dare to challenge us!"

I was thinking. And then I decided. This is war, and I must fight with my life. I have to contribute strength to this army. Even the smallest force can be a big help.

All my other teammates were still shaking with fear with their backs to the wall.

Then I attacked the huge creature who seemed to be the leader. I realized that if I don't start fighting them, no one will.

I jumped, then stabbed the creature's chest with my little rusty dagger as hard as I could.

The creature gave a mighty roar and tried to claw at me. I held on fast to the creature's chained armor until it fell to the ground. Dead.

My comrades soon realized that these creatures could be defeated. They started attacking.

Then I saw something. Another creature, just as big as that leader I had just slain.

It saw me, then roared mightily.

I clutched my little dagger, poised for attack.

"You killed one of our best generals! You'll pay for that!"

I realized this was no game. Any mistake would cost me my life.

I was sweating with fear. Anything could strike me at the back, so I had to be as alert as I could.

There was no way out of this war.

The creature lunged at me, but fortunately, I jumped out of the way in time.

I then aimed for its back, then plunged the dagger into it.

The creature gave a roar of pain, then it tried to grab me. It missed.

I was very tired. I slowly walked away from the fallen creature.

Then it grabbed at me again. It was still alive.

It managed to reach me. I had a large gash at the side of my right leg. The blood was flowing freely.

The creature grabbed again. This time it missed.

I plunged my dagger into it again, and this time I made sure it was really dead before I walked away.

I don't think I can survive another fight.

I looked around at my comrades, fighting now with all their hearts, not a tinge of fear in any of them.

At least I had done them some good. I had motivated them enough to fight.

I felt something stab me from behind my back.

I whirled around, and saw another massive creature attacking me.

Not again.

With some of my remaining strength, I stabbed deep into its head, and again it gave a mighty roar of pain.

To make sure it would die quickly, I stabbed it again, this time in its chest.

It roared again, then dropped dead.

I wearily sat down with my back against the tunnel wall. Blood was now flowing from my leg and my back.

The pain was almost unbearable.

We were winning, I saw. The ogres were dying in large numbers.

But here and there, I also saw dead human bodies.

Ah, my poor comrades. You all fought valiantly.

I saw the last of the ogres being slaughtered by the rest of the army.

The army is running towards me with smiles on their faces. We have won.

Alas, my eyesight is growing dim.

And I can see no more.

-Isay P.-