Rita walked into a room filled with people. Not your average people. These people were here to meet a partner. You see this is a group. A group for any dom looking for a sub. Or any sub looking for a dom.

The people here were clad in mostly leather clothes. Some were hanging on the walls. People wandered around with whips. While others sat on the floor tentitivly. It was easy to tell who was in what category.

Rita walked around the room clad in a black webbed dress. The dress wrapped over her curved body sensously. Her dark hair was pulled back into a high tail. A leash tied around her waist. It was being used as a belt.

People looked at her as the passed. Some of the subs edged towards her. She eyed them all Though had no interest for looking after any of them. Rita continued her search for a sub when she saw a man.

The man was sealed in a black leather outfit with a cheetah print stripe down his sides. A studded black collar surounded his pale neck. On his head were a pair a gold cat ears. They were accompanied by messy blonde hair. He seemed fairly tall. Though him sitting didn't tell her how tall. He had a lean body engraved with strength. He lifted his head looked at her. His eyes were a midnight blue. They were a dark contrast to his milky skin. A sly smile feigned across his lips.

Rita marched over to him. The male bowed his head in her presence. He was a sub for sure. But his look was so different. She desperatly wanted this cheetah for her own.

She reached down and russled his hair. Sliding her hand down his pure face. She tilted his chin to look at her. His dark depths bore into her's. She bent down. Leaning forward and licked his lips. He quickly opened his mouth. He seemed very well trained. When she went to enter his mouth his tongue was in the way. It was twisting a turning with maddness when it reached her cavern.

She sighed into the kiss thinking of how good he would feel in other regions. She pulled back and smiled at him. He smiled lightly and bowed his head yet again. Rita hands encircled the leash around her waste. Unfastening it she rose it to this feline's neck. The end of the leash fit perfectly with his studded collar.

She turned from him holding the leash tightly in her grasp. Rita pulled him until she reached a chair. She sat herself on the cushion of it. The male had follwed her and sat down on his knees beside Rita's legs. Rita smiled to herself.

Outstretching a hand she began to pet his spiky looking hair. Amazingly it turned out to be extremly soft. She beckoned for him to speak his name. The male responded to this and surprised rita. He refered to himself as Cheetah. Rita was going to dig deeper when she remembered that this was their first meeting.

Rita patted her leg. Cheetah eagerly rested his head in the offered leg. He nuzzled it as his thanks.