Jake and I had been going out for a year or so. I talk of him to friends often. I can easily sense their evy of me. But I never thought that they would suggest what they did.


As usual Leah, Tracy, Amanda and I were at school early. We went straight to our first class to talk. It was Leah who spoke first.

"Would you like to share Jake? Just once?"

I stared at her I didn't understand what she meant. They all quickly explained that they had been thinking of Jake a lot lately. They wanted all of us to play together. Just once of course.

The bell rang and the classroom started to fill with students. Jake entered and smiled at me. I couldn't help but blush at what I had just been discussing.

The teacher started her lesson and Jake mouthed off to her when she asked him to answer a question. The teacher sent Jake to the teacher's lounge until class was over so she could deal with him then.

Leah, Tracey, Amanda and I watched Jake leave the classroom. We looked to each other smiled then started swearing at the teacher. The teacher kicked us out of class and sent us to the teacher's lounge to wait for her.


Reaching the lounge door I opened it. I held it for the others to go through then came in. I closed and locked the door quickly. Jake was leaning against one of the couches. He looked up at us and smiled. The girls and I nodded quickly and smirked slightly.

Leah and I turned away from Jake pulling down our panties from under our mini skirts. The further we bent the better view Jake recived. We stood slowly and saw Tracey and Amanda unbuttoning there shirts. We all discarded our bras as we walked to Jake. Leah and I clad in leather minis while the others were in leather pants with a silver pussy zip. Our bodies lowered to the floor.

We snagged his T and lifted it over his head. Tracey leaned in over his crotch and pulled his fly down with her teeth. Amanda already had his shoes off and pulled his pants down quickly. Tracy pushed aside his boxers. We all stared at his bare body.

Leah laid down on the couch and started nipping at his ear. I lapped at his formed torso as Tracy was tracing his cock with her finger tips. Amanda busied herself by licking his inner thighs.

I strattled across his abs as I nipped at his nipples playfully. I jumped when I felt the head of his cock at my entrance. Jake looked around me and saw Tracey holding it to me. Eyes glazed and licking her lips.

I pushed myself down on him. sighing at how it stretched me. I felt something moving under me. Tracy was licking around the base of Jake's cock.

Jake leaned his head back and Leah captured his lips.