Get Out

You were once the world to me
You were once the reason I'm breathing
But now... I'm not so sure anymore
You took away that special feeling from me

I used to feel like the happiest person alive
Whenever in my sight is your appearance
Even if all I could do is think about you
You still made me feel happy and special

But that joy has now changed to gloom
You turned your back on me...
Now you bring me nothing but grief
Whenever and wherever

Hyper Carrie 24/7 no longer exists
...All thanks to you
I know I'm pushing all the blame to you
Because it's've changed me

I want you out of my life
I don't want to be sad and gloomy
I don't want to sit still for 20 minutes
Not saying anything, or even move

Stop giving me wrong signs
I need you out of my life
If you really mean those things
Don't be a chicken and tell me face to face

I'll tell you this for the last time
I don't like your brother
Even if you think I do
Whether you believe me or not is your choice

I don't know why you're avoiding me
I don't understand why your brother is doing that too
But I don't give a damn anymore
I just want YOU to get out of my life