First Taste

A/N: First off this is graphic to a point, also this is SLASH as in two guys. As of right now I don't know if this is going to be it or if I'm going to write more, all depends on what the reviews are like….*hint hint*

"Why are you so nice?" I asked him as I rested my head on his chest.
He smiled and kissed my hair, "Because you deserve it."
I shook my head and pressed against him, "No really, why?"
He kissed my lips softly, "That's just how I am. And you do deserve it."
I gladly returned the kiss and snuggled closer kissing his neck, "No I don't."
He cupped my face and looked into my eyes with his own gray ones, "You do, you deserve to be happy. You deserve better then what you've gotten." I smiled and tried to distract him by kissing his chest and stroking his sides. He arches into my touch, but took my hands away from his skin, "Don't."
I looked up and blinked at him, "Don't you want to?"
He shook his head, "No I want to, but not if you don't."
I licked his nipple, making him groan softly, "I want to besides," I reached down under the covers and cupped his manhood, "you're very hard."
He gasped and panted softly, he reached down and took my hand away from himself, bringing it up to his lips he kissed the palm and finger tips, "I'm always hard around you." There was a strange light in his gray eyes as he smiled and ran his fingers through my hair.
I occupied myself by kissing his stomach. I didn't know the look in his eyes; I've never seen it before. Not in my parents eyes or in any one else. I also felt strange around him, a warm feeling in my chest
I've never felt that before.
I've been seeing him for two months, longer then I've ever seen anyone. I had the odd feeling that I didn't have to physically please him for him to keep seeing me.
He must have felt the change in my mood; he was always good at that, telling my moods. He lifted my chin and guided me upward to place a kiss on my lips. Our hard growths rubbed against each other. He broke the kiss and smiled, "Your body is only one perk of being with you, not the whole thing."
I opened my mouth to speak but no sound came out. I tried again and got my voice to work, "How do you do that?" It came out a quiet whisper.
He inclined his head to one side, "Do what?"
I felt myself blush as his thumb stroked my cheek, "Read my mind like that."
He chuckled and ran his index finger down my nose, "It's a secret."
I mock snarl at him, it only made his rich full-bodied laugh fill the bedroom. I found myself rolled then pined under his well-built body. He kissed me lightly on the lips, then the chin, the jaw line, and the neck. Slowly he worked his way down to my chest where he licked and sucked on my nipples. I gasped and arched into him when he gently bit one of the tiny mounds of flesh. His strong hands stroked my body, light enough to tease but hard enough to not tickle.
It was always like this with him. At first it had just been sex, then I would spend the night, now I practically lived with him.
Not that I'm complaining. Staying with him beats going back home where my stepbrother enjoys rapping and torturing me for fun. A place where my parents tell me to stop lying and making things up. Just because my stepbrother is jock and a senior to my junior in high school.
I gasped and all thoughts of my family flew from my mind as he took my hard member into his mouth.
He was always able to do that, help me forget. Not just with sex either, just being around him helped me. Made me think – even if just for a while – that things would and could be better.
I lifted his head up, taking away his warm mouth from my member. He licked his lips and kissed my palm, "What is it?"
"I want you in me." I panted. He nodded and moved up to reach for a condom, "No," I grabbed his wrist and met his curious gray eyes. I nuzzled his neck, "I want to feel you cum inside me."
He pulled back, his eyes serous, "Are you sure?"
I nodded and kissed him, "Yes." I knew that we were both clean; I had asked him only last week if he was.
His hand trailed down my body, "Is this why you asked?" I swallowed and nodded. He kissed me fully and took the small tube of lube that he kept on the bedside table in hand. He spread some on his fingers and placed them inside me to get me ready.
The first time he had prepared me, I didn't know what he was doing. No one else had done it before. Now it was a process that I enjoyed.
He kissed me as he got me ready, his other hand stroking my inner thigh, setting my body on edge. "I'm ready." I managed to pant out.
He kissed me, "Are you sure?" He wasn't asking if I was sure I was ready, but if I was sure that I wanted to go bareback.
I nodded, for the first time since I lost my virginity I was scared. But I was just as determined to let this happen. I had never gone bareback before; even my stepbrother used a condom.
Giving me a passionate kiss he entered me in one smooth thrust. I gasped and cried out as I felt flesh against flesh inside me for the first time. His lips swallowed my cry as he moved inside me moaning. I broke the kiss panting, "Ahh!" I arched into him as he hit the sweet spot inside me. Wrapping my legs around his hips, pulling him closer.
He moaned deep in his throat, he took hold of my hard on and stroked, rubbing his thumb against the head. I bit my lip so hard to keep from screaming out in pleasure that I broke the skin.
He kissed, licked and nipped at my neck as he rocked inside me, stroking my member. Giving in I screamed me pleasure as I came in his hand. Panting he gave a small cry of his own as he released his own hot seed inside me.
Felling the hot seed fill me I moaned and arched into him. I held him to me with my legs, not yet ready to have him pull out of me. He kissed me and licked the blood off of my chin, his hands calming my sweat soaked body.
Sighing I dropped my legs, letting him pull out of me. He moved to my side, not bothering to pull the covers over our heated bodies.
I felt safe and warm and Loved as he took me in his arms, resting my head on his shoulder.
Loved. I turned the word over in my mind. It was a strange word to my mind.
How would I know what it felt like to be loved? I looked up into dreamy gray eyes that were also and gentle and caring. I snuggled closer and kissed his shoulder, "I love you…." It came out a bare whisper and uncertain.
He smiled and leaned down and kissed me, "I love you too." Something shifted in him, a weight lifted form him as he kissed me again and held me closer.
Yes, I decided as I drifted off into sleep in my lover's arms, this is what if feels like to be Loved.