March 20th

© Lexa 03/03

Moonless night

No newborn day

Stars are lost

Just like our way

The day of fight

Has no arrived

Of all last peace

The world's deprived

Shattered hopes

No battle calls

Hear the answer

Red rain falls

Nightfall crimson

Not from sun

This crushed landscape

Nowhere to run

War-torn souls

Their desp'rate cry

Tyrant's not caring

As people die

Dear ones fighting

In battle our there

Killing and burning

Destruction's heir

Families lost

Home was smashes

Hope was shattered

As forces crashed

The mighty ones order

The soldiers obey

And thus destroying

The hope light's last ray

There is no reason

For all this shed blood

Despite thirst for power

More than one's got

Under the star of war

The children are born

To continue the fight

Our world will stay torn.

As anyone of you should know, the said date marked the beginning of the Iraq war. After reading this poem you can guess my opinion about it, I hope.