Truly Beautiful
By Ariel Wetzel

"You are so beautiful,"
She wanted to hear,
To inhale,
The very words
From my lips.
But she said,
"Beauty is
Only skin deep."
She said,
"On the inside
Is what counts."
Then why did she need to be
Reassured in her desire
For physical perfection?
The reasons are lost to me,
Why dwell on the superficial?

I often wondered.
Until I met you,
The one who
Enlightened me.
My attention ensnared,
First by those bodily attributes.
I longed
To capture the moment
For it would slip away
With the next grain of sand
In that accursed hourglass.

What inspired
This longing for you?
Your fair skin,
So blemish free.
Your moist lips,
So pleasurable to kiss.
Your voluminous locks,
So easily to loose myself.
Your curvaceous form,
So graceful,
So strong.

Yet, those things
Can melt away
With that grain of sand,
Leaving me
To meet the true you.
The wit behind the glamour.
To cherish your timeless attributes.
Your mischievously cocked grin
Could never frown,
You find life so amusing.
Your mind
Never misses,
Will never slow.
Your sparkling eyes
Flecked with the forest's pallet
Will never, could never,

You've shown me
The meaning of beauty.
Beauty is
Superficial living for the moment.
Grasp it,
While it is still possible,
Before it is gone with age,
Leaving me with
The charm
The poise
The brain,
The true you.
Truly beautiful.