Breeze's Poem

Written SA 4.5.03 (April 3, 2003)

By: Forteforte of course

+Inspired by an rp between Moonlight Zephyr's Direction (Breeze) and Bolt+

Fear, for

The crazed look in another's eye

Upon facing this new threat

Upon seeing him in battle

Fin'lly taken in their net

And 'pon fleeing on one's feet,

To be chased and brought to earth

And unable to fight back,

For in strength there is a dearth

Anger, for

How else is one to feel?

When so helplessly they lay

When they've struggled to the limits

Out of breath and words to say

For how awf'lly wronged they fall

And what cruel captors these are

To cage lovers without reason

And make jest of their cold bars

Sadness, for

What else can one expect

When one's world is whisked away

And one's taken 'gainst their will

And forced to stride astray?

And when freedom lies so close

And so bitterly beyond reach

Tears fall when one's tasted such,

And knows well what freedom means

Dejection, for

The death of all small hopes

With e'er painful pass of time

For each moment seems unending

In a prisoner's sad eye

When one's given up on springing

From the fetters t'which they're bound

When one's lost all hopes to fly,

B'lieving they'll never leave the ground

Confusion, for

In pondering,

How had all this come about?

What was done to spawn such terror?

What was there to force such doubt?

Why had this been brought 'pon dreamers

Guilty of no other crime

Than the innocence of youth

And affection, so divine

But there is love...

And for now lovers may linger,

In these hellish, dark confines,

Time may bear upon their strength,

Nights may wear upon their pride

Yes it's true their hopes may falter,

Yes it's true they'll bleed and cry

But always will romance triumph

And their love will never die