The feeling I feel

By French Poodle (Meredith)

My eyes sting as I look your way

You laugh, is it really that funny?

I hate how you look at her

my face is green with envy

why is this feeling so deep inside

I've wanted you for years on end

Oh, friend of mine, are you really?

I wanted you, why can't you see.

When you comforted me, why didn't it mean

the same as it meant to me?

Why did our relationship have to end?

Did we grow up, or shrink in the head?

I hated that feeling, but loved it so much.

I wanted you to feel the same way

But hated you for hating me

I wanted your love

but at what age

I thought you were true, but we were too young?

I thought that you might understand

What was I thinking when told you.

Why can't this feeling go away

After a year, I can't get you out of my head

I miss you so much, I want you so bad

But maybe it's better

I moved away, and now I can't see you

I can't see you

Why isn't it getting better,

This feeling I feel,

Maybe it was puppy,

Maybe it was true,

Maybe, what if I was the one for you?