Once upon a time, my father's kingdom was great. Its vast acreage spanned four climates- from the wintry snowcapped mountains of the north, to the dry deserts of the west, the dense forests of the east, and to the murky swamps of the south. My ancestors- the great kings and queens who came before me- had made Danubae what it was- an empire.

Millions of creatures from all the different species of our world bowed down and swore their allegiance to my father and mother. Never were we bothered with the typical problems befalling a kingdom. Plague, famine, and war were inconceivable concepts to us- things which existed only in our annals of history. Our world was peaceful.

But none of us realized how fragile that peace was. No one knew that only just across the wide Gensai River awaited a new age- an age that would make those concepts which had been so inconceivable to us to the center of our world.

Author's Note: This is a redo of a previous story I'd done. For any of you who read the chapters of that that I'd posted, disregard anything you read. Although the general plot will follow the first version, there will be MANY differences. I think this version will be better. I hope you enjoy it! And I'll try to update regularly. And please review! Constructive criticism is much appreciated!